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Dear visitor, dear client,

for more than 20 years we have been supporting and helping people as coaches, psychological counsellors and therapists.

At the beginning of every psychotherapeutic therapy together with you we analyze your individual situation (anamnesis) and you will receive a medical diagnosis from us. Together with you we then develop a tailor-made plan, how we can support and help you the most.
For example, many of our clients do not want to analyze the past for long, but prefer to look ahead and work on new solution to solve their problems.
The goal of most therapies is to strengthen your self-solving competence and your mental health.
Here, the hypnotherapy according to Milton Erickson and the (cognitive) behavioural therapy according to Aaron T. Beck might help the best.
Both therapeutical treatments are scientifically approved and can help you to live the life you want - a life of emotional well-being and mental health.

Many of our clients experienced, that hypnotherapy can help to achieve relief or healing quicker and that the positive effects last longer that with psychoanalysis, depth psychological methods or even with behavioural therapy.
Hypnotherapy (medical hypnosis) is used to heal mental problems and psychological diseases, but it can also be used to heal physical complaints like pain. Hypnotherapy can help to alleviate or heal:

* Anxiety and panic attacks
* Anxiety and phobia
* Burn-out
* Culture shock
* Depression
* Eating discorder (e.g. anorexia nervosa)
* High sensitivity
* Obsessive-compulsive disorder
* Quitting smoking
* Physical pain
* Sexual discorder
* Sleep disturbances
* Trauma
* Weight reduction and diet-change
* and many more

Other clients prefer a modern behavioral therapy. Besides "psychoanalysis" and "depth analysis" the "behavioural therapy" is one of three psychotherapy methods approved by the world health organization (WHO). The 2 main differences between these three kinds of psychotherapy are the duration (1) and the focus (2). While "psychoanalysis" and "depth analysis" often might take hundred or more sessions (1), they mainly focus on the past like early childhood (2). "Behavioural therapy" mainly focuses on the present and the future and on developing and training new behavioural patterns. During "behavioural therapy" we as therapists support you to get a grip on your problems and help you to develop new strategies to cope with stress or difficult situations. For many clients experiencing behavioural therapy, 10 to 20 sessions are enough.
Modern behavioural therapy also focuses on the belief system and on conscious/ subconscious thoughts (cognitions), that cause psychological problems and suffering. This procedure is also called "cognitive behavioural therapy".

You can find our comfortable private practice in the cosy village of Slunečná, which is about 1,5 hours drive north of Prague, or just 1 hour drive from Mladá Boleslav. We also offer home-service treatment at your home, telephone and online treatment.
We welcome you in our relaxing environment with high quality coffee or tea. If you like, we will help you to relax with a choice of aroma-therapeutical fragrances and relaxing music.
We also offer treatments via phone and online (via WhatsApp or Skype). Furthermore we offer home treatment.

If you like to make an appointment please feel free to fill in the online form on our website, give us a call, write an email to Katerina@hypnotherapycz.com or Louis@hypnotherapycz.com or contact us via WhatsApp.

* First contact via phone up to 15 min: 0 CZK
* Treatment over the phone per hour: 990 CZK
* Online treatment (via WhatsApp or Skype) per hour: 990 CZK
* Treatment in our practice rooms per hour: 1.500 CZK
* Treatment at a location of your choice per hour: 2.600 CZK (including travel fees)
* Special prices for students, pensioners or low-income clients may be agreed upon. Please don't hesitate to ask us.

We are looking forward to helping and supporting you,

sincerely, Kateřina & Louis

Hypnotherapy CZ - Hypnosis & Psychotherapy

Slunečná 80, Slunečná, 47301

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Eric Brandar

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 01.10.2020
Had a hypno-session with Louis and it was really helpful. Both in terms of exploring and opening perspectives. Recommended!

Highly recommend

Reviewed by Daniela Dlouhá 30.09.2020
I think that especially in this type of therapy the therapists are the most important and who lead the whole process and their clients and honestly, Katarina and Louis are the best one who I met during my experience. They exactly know where the client needs more support and on the contrary where client just needs a more space. They helped me a lot how to handle with the stress which is connected with my job and how to be less depend on the... read more

Naprostá spokojenost

Reviewed by Renata Holatová 28.09.2020
Praxi jsem měla možnost několikrát navštívit a moje zkušenost byla velmi pozitivní. Kateřina je člověk na správném místĕ, terapii vede profesionálně a empaticky. Vždy se na ni ráda opět obrátím.

Highly recommend

Reviewed by Tereza Holatová 16.09.2020
I can highly recommend Katerina and Louis' practice. They both are very professional and empathic people. The therapy sessions I went to were incredibly helpful - I am able to cope much better with the stressors in my life. Will definitely continue visiting!