František Cihlář: Therapist & Counselor

Badeniho 290/1, Praha 6, 16000

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We all from time to time face life´s challenges – hardships, disappointments, stress, loss or change – that can strongly influence how we feel, think and behave in our daily lives. Some can be too stressful and overwhelming to go through alone. Whatever life´s difficulties come your way, you do not need to face them on your own: we can look at them and work through them together.

My name is František Cihlář, I am a psychotherapist, counselor, mentor, personal development guide and relationship and communication specialist. For more than 20 years I have guided individual and couple clients (international as well as Czech) who have been facing various personal, relationship, and work-related issues and have been dealing with different life challenges and pressures or pursuing personal development. My clients work through a plethora of topics such as partner and other relationships, wanting to build and maintain fulfilling relationships. Many deal with intercultural struggles, problems associated with life in a foreign culture and emotional stressors related to relocation and loneliness. Some experience burnout and want to learn how to slow down the rat-race they find themselves in, regain a sense of meaning and purpose in their relationships or activities, or find a passion for living again.

Whether you do not feel happy or content in your life, something troubles you, need to regain a sense of meaning, bring more clarity into your current situation or find a new life´s direction, I am offering you my assistance. I can be your guide, your companion in the complex maze of relationships and uncertainties, as you work through overcoming challenges, building relationships, and recovering from life’s setbacks.

My work in based on Carl Rogers´s PCA approach. During our consultations, my primary role is as of a guide. Together, as we walk through your current situation, we look for new insights into the often complex and difficult-to solve issues. I generally do not give advice in terms of what to do or not to do and how to proceed. Instead, as we work together, face and explore your needs, worries, desires and difficulties together, I can help you reach your own independent decision that you discover within yourself and guide you as you find a firm ground and self-confidence again. I will be your attentive companion on this journey.

Besides psychotherapy work, I am also interested in the mindfulness-based approach and conscious work with the mind, non-religious meditation practices, world cultures, history and its connections to our present time, and the Enneagram typology, among others. I am a parent, a grandparent and a foster parent.

I offer to you my life experiences, my expertise, and my guidance. It is highly important for me to provide my clients with a very safe space, comfortable and confidential environment, attentive listening, empathy, kindness and respect.

My clients come from very diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

I offer therapy sessions in person (Prague 6, near Hradčanská metro station) as well as online. I work in English, Czech and Russian.

František Cihlář: Therapist & Counselor

Badeniho 290/1, Praha 6, 16000

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Transformative healing

Reviewed by user 03.07.2022
I speak with true honesty when I say I'd recommend his sessions to everyone in need of a wise ear and an open heart for guidance. I discovered a space to share about my anxious states, partnership worries and stress, - a space that Frantisek filled with clear attention, warmth and sharp remarks. I perceive the excange as much lively, productive and fruitful. Learning how to see myself clearly, through the exchange with another human, this is... read more

A warm thank you :)

Reviewed by user 24.06.2022
The sessions with Frantisek were one of the best i ever had, it was a first time but the outcome and value created during these sessions are even today fruitful. He is so kind, patient, with great listening skills and you feel in a safe non judgemental environment with him. His wisdom has guided me a lot and made me realize where to shift the focus in my life. So thank him very much for the insightful sessions and for always having a door open... read more

Thank you very much

Reviewed by user 31.03.2022
I turned to Mr. Frantisek for help one year ago, when I found myself in a very difficult situation. Postpartum depression followed by COVID quarantine forced me to spend all my time at home with my four children and led to my critical condition. Thanks to therapy, I was able to overcome this crisis, to rediscover confidence in myself and my abilities and to find strength for my own development. I am also grateful to Mr. Frantisek for... read more

Amazing professional – thank you!

Reviewed by Natalia M. 08.03.2022
I am very thankful to František for his kind approach, healing words and caring heart. I like talking to him, as well as sitting in silence and meditating in our sessions. I feel good during our consultations, have a positive mood and a lot of energy afterwards. František helped me to find myself, to understand what I want and to handle the changes that life abroad has brought for me and for my family. I gradually got rid of mental pain and... read more

Good listener, help with stress, relationships and procrastination

Reviewed by Stan B. 03.03.2022
František has been guiding me in therapy on and off for several years now. Initially, I sought support from him with stress management, which comes from my work in the social work field. Eventually the topics of the sessions extended to my personal topics as well, such as relationships with friends, colleagues and family, and then also to my avoidance and constant postponement of certain work and study duties. During our sessions I speak most... read more

Highly recommended

Reviewed by user 18.02.2022
I do not exaggerate when I say that working with František has helped me a lot and improved my life greatly. I used to be skeptical about psychotherapy, but now I can highly recommend it to everyone. For me it was like putting my thoughts neatly back on shelves and making a good cleaning in my head. I can say with certainty that therapy with František has helped me to become more confident and peaceful... and to begin to understand my... read more

Empathy and safe environment

Reviewed by user 11.02.2022
I have attended therapy with Mr. Cihlář regularly for the past five years and up to this day I appreciate his endless empathy, wisdom, and patience. He has provided me with a safe environment as I uncovered my most personal problems and has helped me to find solutions for them. His role in my ability to live a healthy and independent life has been without any doubt crucial. A. G.