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I would like to offer my professional assistance in the filed of psychology. During my sessions, in a safe and friendly environment, I aim to help my clients to find the motivation to explore their strengths and make positive changes in their lives.

My approach is to use a combination of positive support, insight and challenging interactions to help my clients grow and move past whatever obstacles they are facing in life, such as:

- Personal growth
- Seeing the light at the of tunnel
- Waking up with an optimistic mind – overcoming feelings of depression
- Relationship stability
- Living happily ever after – realistic view of relationships
- Emotional awareness, recognition and control
- Increase work satisfaction and productivity
- Reaching your dreams
- Objective goal setting
- Self-worth and self-esteem issues
- Working with motivation
- Anticipation and recognition of burnout
- How to place yourself in the center of your life without feeling guilty or selfish
- Cultural related issues.

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Exactly what I was looking for

posted by Michael Myles
18:06:18 14/09/2016

Kateřina's approach is the right pace and style. It's easy to trust her and see positive results quickly, so definitely highly recommended. Being in a foreign country, away from what you're used to, it can seem unlikely to find someone from here who can empathize and understand... however one meeting with Kateřina is enough to know you made the right choice for yourself.


posted by David Millar
19:07:02 16/05/2016

If you're considering seeing a psychologist to help you in your current life position, for whatever reason, I highly recommend you try Katerina. Katerina is assisting me as I make some wonderful, positive changes to my life. I find her extremely easy to talk to, in the relaxed surroundings of her office, and her empathetic, compassionate, insightful nature make her perfect for the job of psychologist. Katerina passionately believes in Positive Psychology and is extremely well qualified, as both psychologist and author, on the subject. I 100% agree with this approach of positivity as I am experiencing the great benefits and changes in my life that I an able to make. I will continue to look forward to our sessions as I work on my journey, with her expert assistance.

Highly recommended

posted by Catherine Vo
19:07:29 03/04/2016

Katerina is fantastic! From the start, she is very welcoming and she makes sure you are comfortable. It was overwhelming trying to find a psychologist as an expat in Prague, but I am so happy I made the choice to see her. She is both friendly and professional. She is really easy to talk to and it's clear that she really wants to help (and she also has the knowledge and experience to do so). I feel so much better and I highly recommend contacting Katerina if you are looking for a psychologist in Prague!

Unfortunate experience

posted by Anastasija Rižika
13:01:03 25/01/2018

I and my husband were searching for a therapist specializing in a couple therapy. Having experience with psychologists before, this was a quite unfortunate experience. Long story short, paying quite a lot for a session, we have received exclusively negative feedback. Katerina seemed to be stressed, she was in a rush saying that "she also has kids and needs to go home", absence of any information, positive approach, or understanding of a situation.the session was about nothing. In the end, asking her what shall we do and if we can schedule an appointment for the next time, she said "yes sure, but I can't tell you what to do. You need to figure it out yourself". Well, I was left puzzled why we came to the specialist of we need to figure out things ourselves. That was a loss of money and also made us feel extremely terrible. Not saying that all that was said to a breastfeeding woman.