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Hi. My name is Jan. I'm a Dutch (male) native, living in Prague, but trained and worked professionally as a clinical psychologist for adults in Scotland, UK. I worked there for a period of about 8 years. I also developed an interest in coaching.

If you speak English or Dutch (Nederlands) I can maybe help you with moving forward in your life. If you are going through life changes that are challenging for you, or are having issues coping with your life as it is right now, or are suffering from problems related to depression, anxiety, relationships, confidence or loss, maybe I can help you make progress.

If you are "ok" but feel you want to get more out of life or something is missing, perhapsI can help you with that too using a more coaching-type approach.

My background has been in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), but I would probably describe myself as eclectic, using concepts and ideas from CBT, solution-focused or coaching.

People say I am very friendly, easy to talk to, trustworthy, communicative, analytic, empathetic and understanding. I'd like to think these are qualities that might help you.

So if you need a professional, empathetic, friendly and confidential listening ear, I can be that for you. However, I will try and help you also make and experience positive change, be it in what or how you think, what you do, and how you feel.

It is important to know that I tend not to see people with the following issues:

- more severe and/or longstanding psychiatric issues
- if you suffer from suicidal thoughts and/or self-harming behaviour
- if alcohol or substance use/abuse is an issue for you
- if eating disorders are an issue
- addictions in general
- I don't provide couple/marriage counselling

I would advise you to contact a psychiatrist or other health professional in that case.

Please contact me in advance for information on rates and to make an initial appointment. You can email me here: praguetherapy@gmail.com

Our meetings will be in English, or Dutch, and can be face-to-face, but I'm also available for online Skype consultations. Using Skype means you don't necessarily have to live in Prague, and it will be a little cheaper too. Simply ask me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Professional, supportive and insightful

posted by Iulia Staicu
20:08:40 21/01/2018

An amazing professional!

posted by Anonymous
22:10:37 05/03/2017

Jan is an excellent therapist. Very friendly and open, a good listener and adviser, great at making one feel comfortable from the very beginning. I went in with some apprehension about how it would work, not knowing what to expect, not even knowing how much I wanted to talk about my problems. However, Jan's approach allowed me the freedom to divulge as much as I wished, and at the same time his follow up questions were spot on, both human and accurate to my case. I found myself continuously telling him much more than I expected. After he understood what the issues were, he Ame really meaningful and useful tasks where I was asked to actively consider my ways of approaching problems. I stayed with the therapy for a year and it has been worth it. I feel I'm a better person for it.

Great therapist

posted by victorm
10:10:27 14/07/2015

Jan is very friendly, very easy to talk to, and always has great advice to help no matter the situation. For any type of challenge you come across, he always has the right word, the right advice. It's not easy to open up to someone, but Jan makes it easy and enjoyable.

Excellent therapist

posted by Anonymous
10:10:06 21/10/2014

Opening up to someone about personal things in your life isn't easy – but the combination of Jan’s relaxed approach and pragmatic, insightful advice enabled me to better deal with my personal challenges.

Trustworthy and helpful!

posted by Anna de Vries
17:05:04 09/08/2016

I have been in therapy with Jan for a while now and I have to say he is wonderful. He is good at listening, makes one feel comfortable and it is easy to be open to him about any subject. I felt he really helped me tackling some of the difficulties I am experiencing in life. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good therapist in Prague!