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Are you tired of work, and sometimes even of your personal life? Do you suffer from aches and pains? Do you finally want to take the plunge to do the thing you have been putting off for ages, such as starting the new exercise, new training or switching jobs?

I can assist you with these and more in a friendly environment of my well-being studio. I use talk-mindfulness therapy, stress-relief techniques, visualization for success, and well-being guidance.

I guide and coach business specialists, scientists, CEOs, politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and of course common individuals. I provide private sessions, give workshops, participate in conferences, and accompany some of my clients to important events to support their performance.

Book your appointment at, by text message at 607 159 989, or online here

Rate CZK 870/55 min.

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Argyro Leman

posted by Argyro Leman
16:04:56 19/07/2017

I have known Djali for almost 10 years, which makes me comfortable to say she is a specialist of many exceptional qualities. She knows human mind well, as well as emotions, which means she can truly help to guide one's way. It have had various issues tormenting me, while Djali would have a straightforward and simple enough solution. She could simply see beyond the picture. Once I started applying her advice my quality of life improved. Djali is also exceptional for her broad knowledge not only in well-being, but also in many other topics. You can easily talk with her just about anything. She is sensitive and has high emotional intelligence, which is almost like a 6th sense. What is more, she keeps on working on her very own personal development and various skills mastering. Every session with her is a burst of enthusiasm and inspiration. Djali is a true expert in all she does. I cannot but recommend everyone to make use of her consulting, as I am immensely grateful to have had such a health coach guide me through life.