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Balanced Lifestyles is a professional, confidential and friendly counseling practice for individuals and couples, providing individual therapy, relationship and marriage counselling, as well as psychological help and support to English-speaking clients in Prague. I can help if you or someone close to you is concerned about or suffering from:

- Relationship and marriage crises; communication problems between partners.
- Surviving an affair, separation or divorce; jealousy and trust issues.  
- Difficulty in forming and maintaining successful relationships.
- Anxiety and panic; depression; acute stress; trauma and post-traumatic stress.
- Anger, guilt, shame, self-confidence-related issues; identity issues; fear of conflict; inability to make decisions; feeling trapped in a particular predicament.
- Acute sense of loneliness and isolation; feeling empty; loss of meaning and direction in life; overwhelming sense of being out of control in life; death-related anxiety.
- Loss, grief and bereavement.
- Major life crisis concerns; "midlife crisis"; employment-related crises; feeling uprooted, alienated and helpless in a strange culture.  

The counselor, Svetlana Coalson:
MA Honors, Post-Grad. Diploma (Psychotherapy) from School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield (UK) ; Couples and Marriage Counselling training (USA, Canada); Five-year Psychotherapy Training accredited for healthcare;  Issue-specific practitioner trainings (USA, UK, Czech Republic). Svetlana Coalson abides by the Ethics Code of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.
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Balanced Lifestyles Counselling

Vyšehradská 1376/43, Praha 2, 12800

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Reviewed by user 14.08.2020
In my opinion, Svetlana is the kind of psychologist who has enough experience, enough common sense, and enough communication skill to provide counseling that is both solidly based in the practice of therapy and realistic, personable, and down-to-earth. I felt like I was talking with a person who had thoughts and who tried to help me rather than a person who ran my problems through a psychological theory and provided me with the "correct"... read more

Wonderful and transformative

Reviewed by Madeleine Valery 02.04.2020
I am so happy to have found Svetlana and can recommend her unreservedly to anyone looking for an English speaking counsellor in Prague. She is warm, attentive, and direct - I felt from the outset that she was motivated to help me, and her purposeful pragmatism was a refreshing change from other experiences of therapy I've had in the past which felt more like aimless introspection. I (and my family!) noticed positive changes almost as soon as I... read more

Excelent help if you can handle the truth

Reviewed by Gergo Varro 17.03.2020
She was the first psychologist I ever talked to, she was highly recommended by a good friend who tried with quite a few other professionals. She helped us through very hard times with my wife, and also with my own issues. I can only recommend her

Very good experience

Reviewed by Varró Joanna Design 17.03.2020
Svetlana helped me to resolve health problems that other doctors were not able to diagnose. Her approach was very clear, professional and straightforward, which helped us to go through it fast. She was able to help me with mental health but also career development, and family balance. She was very sensitive to our case that impacted our children and she always found time for us during a crisis.

Highly Reccomend

Reviewed by Kristine Jones 16.03.2020
Working with Svetlana has been life-changing. She has helped my partner and I realize and work through so many things about ourselves as individuals and in our relationship. She has worked hard with us and we completely trust her as a couple therapist - which can be hard to find! She is clearly very highly trained and knowledgeable. Overall, Svetlana is a wonderful, dedicated therapist.

Great Therapist

Reviewed by Myles Barros 16.03.2020
I'm really happy with Svetlana as a therapist, if I have a regret it's that I didn't find her sooner. She's great at what she does! She's empathetic and always gives you an opportunity to express yourself. She does challenge you but in my case that's exactly what I needed from a therapist. I'm really happy with the change seeing Svetlana has brought in my life and I continue seeing her as a result. I can easily recommend her to anyone else... read more

Not a good experience

Reviewed by H.T. Howard 15.03.2020
I only went to one session and didn't go back. During the counseling session, I talked about my background, family life, and relationships. When I started talking about my past relationships, that's when the therapy session went downhill for me. I felt judged and shamed for my views/opinions and left feeling annoyed, bitter, and confused. If you want to feel judged and shamed then avoid going to Balanced Lifestyles. Go to a more empathetic... read more

Saving our family crisis

Reviewed by Kam Sam 20.06.2018
We were looking for a therapist to help us solve our family crisis that had become overwhelming to my husband and I. My husband found Svetlana via the expat group on facebook, Crowdsauce. She was awesome. She helped us to see each other's world and to clean up some old history so we can have a fresh start again. She was able to explain our feelings in both the masculine and feminine perspective. What I appreciate the most is that she was... read more

Not recommended

Reviewed by Jason Roy 13.11.2017
I would not recommend Svetlana Coalson. In my opinion, her style is loose, overbearing and ultimately I found her to be unprofessional in her approach. Despite initially agreeing confidentiality guidelines, it eventually became apparent that Svetlana had shared information with another party (as early as the first or second session), without my knowledge or consent, probably in the form of a notional diagnosis, one she is not qualified to... read more

Life changing experience

Reviewed by Maria.Treibitch 16.08.2015
5 years ago I met Svetlana, when I was at the very dark place and needed help. Svetlana was very professional and supportive therapist. She knew exactly when to push my limits or when to let it go in order to help me. In her therapy after some point she gives very exact tools so you can use them in daily life. I was working with Svetlana on my traumas, on my relationship with my parents with my husband, with my kids. Right now I am a... read more

Being grateful

Reviewed by Aida 14.08.2015
Hi everybody! I am dropping these lines to show my gratefulness for what Svetlana did for me! She is the person who helped me the most through the very difficult times I faced since I moved to Prague! She is a very dedicated psychologist, a very true, real and honest person and an enjoyable presence! Difficulties in my life are vanishing under her advice, so I can just say THANK YOU, Svetlana!

I disagree with other reviewers

Reviewed by luis.juarez 17.07.2015
My experience was not good at all with this therapist. In the first consultation, I was impressed of the solid theoretical knowledge she had of my problem, which was quite promising. However, in the second consultation, she began to behave impolitely, rude. In the third one, she was almost insulting. She gave me a couple of tips, but they didnt go deep into solving the core of my problem. However, those werent the only problems. She speaks A... read more

First step in right direction

Reviewed by user 07.09.2013 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
For 5 years my partner, now husband have been in conflict over a family related problem. We finally decided to go to Svetlana & it helped us to understand the reasons behind our fights, so we can work on fixing the causes, not the consequences. We are now in a path to fixing our marriage & being united. Svetlana is very talented in her profession and makes us feel at ease. I cannot recommend her highly enough. My only wish is I had done it... read more

Helped me a lot.

Reviewed by user 27.12.2011
I agree with the previous reviewer, I've had a similar experience. She is a very intelligent, perceptive counselor who knows what she is doing. I've tried therapy before and it ended up being just me talking non-stop, without much feedback and way too slow to see any results. With her things started to move after just a a few weeks. She asks the right questions, she is sensitive to minor details and she always makes sure she is on the same... read more

thank you so much!

Reviewed by user 05.05.2011
I have just finished my therapy a couple of weeks ago, and my life has changed so much for the better since I started that I feel I owe it to Svetlana to write this testimonial. In the beginning I was a bit nervous about seeking help but after my first session I never looked back. From the very first session her warmth and professionalism immediately put me at ease and the whole process felt both safe and challenging. Safe in the sense that... read more