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PONEC – the dance venue, is an open space dedicated to contemporary dance and movement theatre, fostering independent dance creation and its overlaps to diverse genres. The venue offers the most noteworthy productions created by Czech and international artists and companies. Overall, the theatre presents around 200 shows annually.

Since then, PONEC has become an important location where revitalisation of diverse fields is exerted, among them contemporary dance, movement theatre and all inspiring overlaps to other genres, alternatives and scenic technologies generated by contemporary arts in the Czech Republic. PONEC is an innovative institution both in terms of equipment of the theatre/dance hall (the so-called black box) and dramaturgy.

PONEC has no ensemble of its own and presents a wide range of Czech and international productions, both minor and larger, as long as they fulfil the requirement of topicality. The theatre wants to keep on co-producing new progressive pieces and to remain an open platform for dance and all cross-over forms of contemporary arts. PONEC' door is open to authentic contemporary arts testimonies. It is a place where professional and general public meet at seminars, conferences, discussions and workshops. PONEC is also a traditional location of the festivals Czech Dance Platform, TANEC PRAHA, Fresh film Fest, Malá Inventura, Hybaj ho! etc.

In 2004, PONEC opened for children, launching the Children Studio that focuses on creative development of children from the age of four. Productions for children make for an important part of the theatre's programme: interactive pieces for children and teenagers from 6 to 15 and their parents are presented both as matinée and afternoon shows. All these projects aim at bringing contemporary dance closer to children and making schools interested in introducing dance and movement education as part of the curricula.

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