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Na Porici 21, Praha 1, 11000

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Thai massage works not with the physical body, but the energy "lines".

Instead of the kneading process, various pressure techniques are applied and thanks to the large number of stretching movements Traditional Thai Massage is termed "applied hatha yoga" or given the promotional name "yoga for the lazy". This massage is generally applicable and is for everyone. It is an excellent antidote for stress and keeps a person in good physical and mental condition. Among our customers are a four-year-old girl, eighty-five-year-old man or a woman that enjoys a two-hour massage session three times in the week. The massage is not restricted in any way, except for people with serious illnesses. The smiles and satisfaction on the faces of our clients prove to us that Thai massage does not have only a physical, but also healthy effect on our psyche. After our pioneer beginnings when we, as the first disseminated information about the meaning of Thai massage and its purpose, this technique is winning an ever increasing number of patrons. And for this reason, we also offer you the hospitable comfort of our studio and pleasant relaxation in the hands of our masseuse.

Massages in studio Thai Fit:
Traditional Thai Massages
Foot Reflexology Massage
Thai Herbal Massage
Oil Massage
Peeling Oil Massage
Lava Stone Massage
Chocolate Massage
Thai Gold Massage
Slimming Mud Therapy with Massage

Other services:
Sauna (Sauna is only avaiable in Thai Fit 3 Studio - Petrska, Prague 1)
Yoga (Yoga is only avaiable in Thai Fit 3 Studio - Petrska, Prague 1)
Cosmetics and Gifts
Nail studio (Nail studio is only avaiable in Thai Fit 2 Studio - Vodickova, Prague 1)
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Thai Fit 1

Na Poříčí 21, Prague 1 (near Bílá Labuť)

tel. 224 811 876,
224 811 872,
603 490 247

Thai Fit 2

Vodičkova 41, Prague 1 (Pasáž Světozor)

tel. 224 152 016,
222 515 145,
739 516 404

Thai Fit 3 Spa

Petrská 23, Prague 1,

tel. 224 815 253,
224 815 281,
733 501 277

Open daily 9.00-21.00.

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Thai Fit

Na Porici 21, Praha 1, 11000