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Study in the heart of Europe, experience the world
and discover new cultures through teaching English
abroad. In just 4 weeks you can become TEFL certified
and begin teaching English as a foreign language in Prague and all over the globe!
TEFL Worldwide has over 2500 graduates who have
taught in 60+ countries!

TEFL Worldwide offers a challenging and rewarding 4-week
internationally recognized and accredited TEFL certification course
in the enchanting city of Prague. Our 120-hour course provides
an excellent insight into TEFL approaches and
methods, as well as 8 to 10 hours of hands-on teaching
practice in real classrooms. This gives you a solid foundation
when beginning your first teaching job.

In addition, we provide continued job assistance worldwide to help you find an exciting
teaching position abroad. We even have a job workshop
on the last day of the course where employers from schools
in Prague come to present their job openings. Our graduates
are working within 1-3 weeks after graduation, many times sooner!

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Best TEFL training in Prague by far!

posted by Nicholas Ryan Daniels
15:03:50 24/08/2018

TEFL Worldwide is simply the best TEFL training programme in town! I have heard about other TEFL programmes in Prague and none of them seem to compare to TEFL Worldwide. They take good care of their students and support them long after the course is over. They facilitate camraderie and networking throughout the course. They are always willing to help out their students. The course itself is masterfully put together. If you have never taught before, you will certainly get enough practice with this course. And the moment you collect your certificate at the closing ceremony, you'll feel incredibly accomplished. It is a true milestone to complete this TEFL course and is very rewarding. The certificate is your ticket to teach all over the world. Highly recommend!

TEFL Worldwide changed my life!

posted by Chelsea Barbee
17:05:26 17/04/2018

After going through various websites trying to nail down the perfect TEFL course for me, something kept drawing me back to TEFL Worldwide Prague and I'm so grateful for that. It was easily one of the most challenging months, but so worth it when I was able to walk out with that certificate. I have now been teaching for around nine months. Life abroad is crazy but so worth it! And I have TEFL WW to thank for the opportunity to even be where I am today.

The best decision I ever made

posted by Amber Willard
22:10:56 15/03/2018

I wasn't happy with my life. I was working in a job with no future. I thought about what I could do with myself. I did research online about teaching English in a foreign country. TEFL Worldwide Prague has such great reviews I decided to travel to the Czech Republic and take their program. Kenny and Adrienne were the best teachers I ever had. Both pushed me to do my best. They gave me the support I needed to succeed in the course. I started teaching classes the first week of the TEFL course. They encouraged me to grow confidence and pushed me to do my best to learn. I was so nervous and unsure, but these two teachers gave me the knowledge I needed to get through the intense four weeks. I even got a job offer before I graduated. After graduation, TEFL Worldwide Prague still gives me support. They have contacts for English schools from all over the world. They are always there for me if I need help. This is the best life changing decision I have ever made. My life is completely different from one year ago, and I could never be any happier.


posted by Nicholas Ryan Daniels
18:06:37 08/02/2018

TEFL Worldwide Prague opened up so many doors to me and I really owe it to them. They provided me with amazing tools to get me started with my new life across the pond. The course was well put together and I started working as a TEFL teacher in Prague immediately after the course was finished. I taught for two years before switching careers as a Czech to English translator after learning Czech intensively. I still do teaching on the side every now and then but I am incredibly grateful to still be in Prague. You're not just another number to this school when you graduate. You get the sense that they really do care about you when you leave. They have an alumni group and do get-togethers once a month with new graduates. You can always e-mail the instructors if you need something long after the course is finished. I'm currently working on my master's degree in MTESOL and one of the teacher trainees was so kind as to write me a recommendation for being accepted into the master's program. I'm so satisfied with this course, even though I graduated from it in 2015, they just keep on keeping on! Highly recommend!

Excellent course by great people!

posted by davise27@gmail.com
03:03:07 15/08/2014

After two+ years of teaching and traveling in Korea and Southeast Asia, I finally returned to my home in the Midwest, USA at Christmas time 2011. I knew my stay would be short-lived, but I had no idea how short it would turn out to be. I had planned to stay for 6 months until summer, and then hop over to Europe to volunteer and travel in Spain. But after only 3 weeks in Indiana, I knew that I wouldn’t make it until summer. I had studied Criminal Justice at Indiana University and after graduation in 2008 found little opportunities on the work market for my field. I knew that whatever job I worked I wanted to be able to travel either with the job, or have the time to do it on the side. After working multiple dead-end restaurant jobs to make ends meet I received a good tip from a friend of mine. He had just signed up to teach English in Asia and thought it seemed like something that I would be interested in. I was skeptical at first because I knew little about teaching and even less about living in Asia. But after much deliberation I was convinced to send in my CV and see what would happen. Sure enough, the recruiter contacted me the next day with a job in the same city at the same school as my friend. I thought, why not, it’s only a year and it’s a new experience. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made and it opened my eyes to teaching English abroad as a career, or in the least as a means to travel the world and make some good money along the way. I taught English for 2 years in South Korea, but the whole time wanted to get a TEFL certificate to understand more about the how and why of English teaching. I started researching the subject online and quickly found TEFL Worldwide Prague. Based on previous knowledge and experience, I knew that Prague would be a fine city to study, live and work. I booked the plane ticket immediately and didn’t look back. I felt that while teaching in South Korea I really developed some useful skills in teaching English. I had a great rapport with the students, both young and old, and I always had good feedback from my peers and supervisors. I really enjoyed the work, but I knew that I could grow in my development as a teacher. I wanted to know more about the English language and study some more methods about how to teach specific areas of the language. This is what I was hoping to attain by taking the course at TEFL Worldwide Prague and I wasn’t let down at all. The two instructors at the school were very well-educated, experienced and professional. They were accepting of other people’s views and experiences in teaching, but also were able to pass on their own perspectives to aid in the trainee’s development. They taught us as students for half of the class so we could see the exact routine they would go through in an English classroom, then talked to us as peers in the second half of the class to break down exactly what they did and why. After taking part in their classes I become a much more well-rounded teacher and understand more about the methodology of teaching English. To go along with the excellent instructors, TEFL Worldwide Prague employed a very helpful and competent staff of supporters. There were people there to help with creating a CV, finding and applying for job opportunities, finding a flat in Prague and assisting with the visa process in the Czech Republic. They were always friendly and willing to help with anything one of the students needed. Through their end-of-course job fair I was able to find a job teaching at an English kindergarten in Prague. So for the past two years I have been teaching English to young learners here in Prague. It’s a tough, but fun job and I have really developed a new patience for dealing with beginning English speakers, and beginning language speakers in general. Through hard work and commitment I climbed quickly to the position of classroom coordinator and eventually coordinator of the entire school. The job is fairly-paid, stimulating, rewarding and exciting, however quite a bit challenging—all aspects I look for in a job. As much as I like the job, I like more the things that the job has allowed me to do. I am a ‘work to live’ kind-of-guy, not the other way around. While living here in Central Europe I have had a great opportunity to travel, play sports and experience the exciting world around me. I have been on numerous hiking, camping, rafting and canoeing trips in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. My travels have taken me to the Netherlands, Serbia, Spain and even to India. I have been a player, captain and committee member for a Gaelic Football club. Through this club, I have been to Warsaw, Bratislava, Munich and Vienna to compete in international tournaments where we have been champions and losers, but having a great time no matter the outcome. This club has also introduced me to the closest friends that I have here in Prague and has really defined my entire experience here. So outside of work, I have really taken advantage of the opportunities that present themselves living in a vibrant, exciting city in the heart of Central Europe. But as the old adage says, “All good things must come to an end,” my time here in Prague has also run out. Although my leaving will be bittersweet, I do it with hopes to move on to something new and even more exciting. At the moment I am applying for a volunteer position teaching English on a ship. The ship leaves from Japan and over three-month’s time circumnavigates the globe, stopping in port cities through Southeast Asia, around the coast of Africa and South America and then returns to Japan. The theme of the boat is to promote peace, sustainable development and global cooperation throughout the world. This is a great opportunity for me to fulfill my thirst for travel, my love of teaching and my desire to learn more about the people and the world around me all at the same time. This voyage could provide ample new experiences and opportunities to me that could change and shape the person that I am and the person that I could come to be. I cannot pass up something as fulfilling as this! So if you are sitting on the fence about whether or not to abandon your home and venture into the unknown world of teaching English abroad, just as I was over five years ago, I say just take the first step. You never knew where it will lead you, who you will meet and what you will experience. But take my testimonial as an example of all the possibilities that are waiting for you just outside of your front door. The world is yours and your life is what you make of it. You only have one life to live, so better to take your chances and have no regrets about chasing after what could be the best thing you ever do.