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náměstí Míru 341/15, Praha 2, 12000

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LiveTEFL Prague offers a comprehensive, 4-week intensive course, combining a mix of theoretical and practical sessions, making sure you have the confidence and skills to start teaching as soon as you graduate.

Personal, individualized tuition and guidance is guaranteed with an average of 6 students in each class.

Together with the intensive 130-hour, face-to-face course, we will support you, before, during and after your course, to relocate and live in Prague. We offer all of our successful graduates a TEFL job, and if you decide to live and teach somewhere else, our job guidance program will give you a headstart.

The Live TEFL Package Includes:
• Job guarantee
• Job guidance
• All course books and materials
• Networking events
• Pick up at the airport or bus/train station
• Use of school premises
• Visa, work permit, business license and housing guidance
• Trip to Karlštejn Castle or another location outside of Prague

The course was designed by highly qualified EFL (English as a Foreign Language) instructors with international experience. They are experts in teaching both General and Business English, and in creating tailor-made courses that reflect the specific needs of individual and corporate students.

LiveTEFL comprises four basic theory modules and teaching practice:
• Module 1: Language Awareness
• Module 2: Teaching Skills
• Module 3: Teaching Methodology
• Module 4: Lesson Planning
• Teaching practice: 7 to 9 lessons

Experience the vibrant life and culture of Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic!

Live TEFL Prague

náměstí Míru 341/15, Praha 2, 12000

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Standing at the crossroads (sometimes with Elmore James)

Reviewed by Tomaž Anclin 03.11.2016
How do you live life? How do you approach the issues and decisions? Do you shoot first and ask questions later or are you more prone to thinking things over? Why do you want to come to Prague to become an English teacher? These are all questions you maybe ask yourself or maybe not. Yet a life that is not contemplated is a life that drifts with the currents of existence and eventually perishes. If you want to be the master of your fate and the... read more

The Start of a New Path

Reviewed by Jessica Williams 10.06.2016
Enrolling for the Live TEFL Prague program set me out on a new career path. A thorough and comprehensive program, Live TEFL Prague supplies you with all of the tools you need to begin teaching the English language to non-native speakers. The certificate is valid for life, and enables you to teach English anywhere in the world. The course lecturers were all so knowledgeable and approachable, but also had very high standards for us. It was... read more

Overall Impressions

Reviewed by Daniel Jones 11.05.2015
Overall, I was quite impressed with LiveTEFL Prague. The course was intense, as promised, but manageable. Coming from an education background, I found this course very informative and beneficial. Whether someone plans on teaching English or not, the faculty and staff at Spevacek impart wisdom that makes you a better educator, no matter your background or field. The TEFL instructors boast an impressive amount of experience between them and... read more

I'm glad I took this program!

Reviewed by user 10.08.2014
I took this course in January 2014, and I'm really glad I did! The course was amazing - I learned everything I needed to know about teaching English from experience teachers who've been teaching for years. One of my favorite thing about the program is that you get a lot of hands on experience teaching real students and one-on-one feedback sessions with the teachers. Without both of these things, I would not be nearly as prepared as I am... read more

Great experience

Reviewed by user 19.05.2014
I really enjoyed the course. It was really intensive but thorough. I think the course is well structured and really prepares you to be a teacher. The staff at the school are supportive and open, which creates a great atmosphere to learn in and helps you to feel more at ease in a new city. It is a lot of hard work and long hours but really worth it if teaching English is something you are interested in doing.

This course is the real deal.

Reviewed by user 08.01.2014
This course is the real deal. It was very intense, but I am now equipped with the skills and experience necessary to go out and start teaching. The course does a thorough job in preparing students for teaching. The teachers are excellent and passionate about what they do, and the observation feedback was very helpful. I really enjoyed the tour of Prague. Also LiveTEFL Prague has an amazing accommodation service. From the ride from the airport... read more

Perfect Month

Reviewed by user 05.01.2014
I feel that I have learned a lot in just 4 weeks. The LiveTEFL Prague trainers were all great. I enjoyed studying the theory and I really appreciated the opportunity to practise teaching, it was a great experience. The feedback was extremely thorough and useful and, combined with the encouragement of the trainers, it really helped me to become more relaxed about teaching and to improve my performance.

Fantastic Experience

Reviewed by user 21.10.2013
I have been working at Spevacek (parent school for LiveTEFL Prague) for about a year now and it’s been a fantastic experience. My main focus is on Business English and my students work in everything from law to pensions, waste water to football. The resource library is a great resource when I’m planning classes, and I’ve also had excellent support from the academic team. The school also runs some professional development sessions and I had a... read more