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Teach in Prague or abroad! Get the training and qualifcations needed to make it as an English teacher.


The Language House TEFL (TLH TEFL) in Prague offers expert training for those wishing to live and work in Prague or abroad as an English teacher. We are one of the oldest teacher training courses in the city and are one of the few that are externally monitored and accredited by an outside international body. We have graduated nearly 1000 students from our course and we are happy to get you in contact with them for references.
What makes this program special is the amount of teaching practice offered on the course - nearly twice the amount as most courses worldwide. The course also covers grammar intensively and offers excellent job assistance, with most graduates find work with respected schools in the city even before the course ends. Coupled with a great location in Prague 1, TLH TEFL shares its space with two prominent language schools in the city giving this course dynamic learner environment. TLH TEFL program comes highly recommended by both graduates of the course and hiring schools in the city. If you want to get the most out of your teaching, this is one of the courses to consider.
Key features include
• Hands on, dynamic, creative approach to teaching• Fully Accredited and Externally monitored • 14 hours of teaching practice Small class sizes• An intensive grammar component• Supportive teacher community• Excellent location• Lifetime job assistance• Furnished housing• And a whole host of extras

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TEFl at its best!

posted by Caroline Corrigan
11:11:27 12/10/2015

If you're interested in taking a TEFL course and teaching in Prague, then I can't recommend The Language House enough. TLH's courses and instructors are competent, well-rounded, and provide you with all of the information and methodology training you need to become an effective ESL teacher. On top of that, TLH offers A LOT of actual teaching with real students, which is by far the most helpful part of the course as far as learning the material is concerned. TLH also goes beyond the academic side of TEFL - it has also created a close-knit community of English teachers in Prague that is essential to feeling at home here. This makes moving abroad much less daunting and way more fun. If you want to do TEFL, then definitely take this course!

Complete the 'fantasy' - TLH TEFL Prague (September 2015)

posted by Susie Kraus
12:12:38 06/10/2015

If you're trying to decide whether to make the move to Prague - do it! TLH TEFL is a great way to get your TEFL certification, see Prague, and meet loads of new people. TLH is a fully accredited institution and the staff there will help you with anything else you might need - job searching, apartments, transit passes, things to do in Prague .. you name it, they're willing to help. The course will fully prepare you to teach English in a new city, and you will have a great time getting to know your classmates. The course offers much more hands-on teaching experience than most TEFL courses, and you'll be feeling confident in your lesson planning and teaching abilities by the time you leave. If you want to get TEFL-ing .... go to TLH!

Thumbs up for The Language House Prague

posted by Helen.Hebert
17:05:25 18/07/2015

This upcoming September will make a complete year of living in Prague and I have my fingers crossed for a successful visa approval to stay another year, possibly two. The Language House not only successfully prepared and exposed me to the life of an English teacher in Prague but also allowed me to become a part of a special community that links me to others throughout the city and the world. The staff is terrific and informative, helps you focus on what you need to improve on as a teacher, and has great insight on life after the course. I benefited greatly from the YLT program that was offered to work with children and am able to work full-time at a preschool that I love! I've already recommended two friends back in the states to become a Language House alum!

Much more than just a certificate!

posted by Jasmin.Kidgell
23:11:17 02/07/2015

8 months after having taken the course and having spoken to teachers who took other courses, I can highly recommend The Language House. Not only have I learnt how to be the best teacher I can be but I've also been introduced and included in the community of the past and present Language House TEFLers. This means making loads of friends easily and being able to make the absolute most out of this incredible and very fun city. It's not only a certificate, long after the course ends you still get the benefits with organised social events and support if you need it! Choosing the Language House meant a way into Prague. They help with pretty much anything you could need help with, teaching and non teaching related. Arriving was so simple with the airport transfer and student accommodation being organised by the school and it meant that I could enjoy the Prague experience from day 1! The course was intense but so much fun with the teachers ensuring all the topics covered are delivered in a way that you want to be learning them. The intensity of it just means that you're getting the absolute most out of the month long course and can be super confident when landing your first job.

Thumbs Up to The Language House

posted by Helen.Hebert
12:12:45 09/10/2014

Choosing to get my TEFL certificate from The Language House was the best decision I made when exploring my options to teach abroad. Not only was I impressed with my research of this school before flying over, I was able to witness firsthand how supportive they are of their students and not only do they prepare you for the world of teaching, they also aid in the scary process of moving your entire life to a foreign city. They help their students feel comfortable and settled. The staff is amazing and beyond helpful and they genuinely care about your growth as a teacher. The course is demanding and requires you to put in the time and dedication but the amount of hours spent teaching actual Czech students prepares you for what is to come after the course. A great community is formed every month at this school and I could not have been happier with my decision to study there and live in this beautiful city!