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The economy and tax division of SCAMO is a team of high skilled professionals build to take complete care of your tax duties in the Czech republic. We are focused mainly on personal income tax (for domestic citizens as well as foreigners with full or partial tax duties in the Czech republic), corporate taxes (domestic and foreign), VAT and property taxes. Our level of involvement may vary from case to case and it can be from only assistance by compilation of your tax reports up to complete tax care including tax planning and optimization.

If you are unsure or unexperienced in the field of your Czech tax obligations (whether you are Czech citizen or foreigner), we will gladly be your reliable „wizard“ and guardian...only thing what you have to do is to contact us, we will take care of the rest! We speak Czech, English and German.

Our main tax services are focused on (but not limited to) following branches: quick feedback via e-mail, fax or phone in case you need to quickly consult any tax related issue in „real time“ compilation and return of your tax reports and tax-relating documents audit (proof) of your tax obligations (analysis of all your possible tax duties) international taxing cases (if you are foreigner having tax obligations in Czech republic because of your business activities, employment or long-term stay) preparation of tax reports for your domestic / foreign employees complete continuous tax administration incl. tax due reminders - „fight“ for your tax rights against Czech tax authorities in case of your tax troubles tax planning and optimization complete accounting otsourcing including wage-computations, with customized reporting by Czech Accounting Standards or IFRS Consultancy

The economy and tax division of SCAMO is a team of high skilled professionals ready to assist you in the field of your business economy. Since the business economy is not only EBIT, P&L and Balance sheet overlook - it is rather a complex system of informations and processes, the orientation in it may be very difficult. Whatsmore, every decision made has direct influence in certain field of business economy (financial and asset structure, liquidity, cash-flow, management of recievables / payables, stocks etc.), therefore it is extremely important to have an adequate and accurate informations about your actual and planned state of your business economy. We are also focused on various business support programs announced by Czech government authorities, from which is possible to obtain dotations  or grants for your business projects.

If you are unsure or unexperienced in the field of your business economy, we will gladly be your reliable partner and consultant...only thing you have to do is to contact us to set up a together meeting and consult your exact needs. We speak Czech, English and German.

Our main services in the field of business economy are focused on (but not limited to) following branches:

Complex economy analysis (allround management efficiency, business vitality, cost efficiency analysis, financial analysis etc.) with problem-parts identification and improvement suggestions Cash-flow management, crisis cash-flow management Variable financial plan and outlook models adequate and made to fit just your business (no general models)
Independent customized reporting from your company’s accounting/information system (best suitable for the company owners or shareholders – reporting is independent on the company’s management)  Company SWOT analysis Governmental or European Union dotation / grant projects...we can take complete care about processing all the necessary steps and documents needed for the official dotation/grant request, such as project plan, business plans, financial plans, cost-benefit analysis, feasibility study, complete project request elaboration and project supervision Construction

The Construction division of SCAMO is made of several realisation teams, each team specialised in specific construction field (craft), alltogether to be able to ensure and run the building construction from its start (including project and building permit) up to the final official building approval.

We are focused mainly on (but not limited to) following construction types and services:

iron and steel constructions PUR or sheetmetal encasement of production halls or steel structures Roofings, attics, half span roofs, winter gardens etc. designed and assembled in combination of zink-steel/aluminium/stainless steel and polycarbonate Locksmithery production, such as fences, gateways, stairways, balcony constructions, railings, etc....we are able to produce and mount according to your needs or drawings almost any iron or steel construction / structure up to 100 tons For our referenes, your concrete project consultation or concrete construction pricing, please refer to our contacts below or to our web page.

Scamo s.r.o.

Skalsko 140, Praha, 29426

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SCAMO financial advisors

Reviewed by user 06.09.2007 (gold reviewer) Gold
I have been using them since 1999 for my taxes. They speak perfect English. I have never had a problem with tax authorities as all forms, numbers and signatures are always correct the first time. I use them for my business and personal filings, and so far, everything has always gone exactly the way I wanted it to. I am grateful not to have any surprises in this area. Honza is not only professional, but quite friendly and quick with a... read more