Jana Sazimova

Luznicka 417/6, Praha, 39001

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<p class="MsoNormal">Filling TAX RETURNS, itself can be a very tedious job. Having to do so in a foreign language can be a night mare. THE ONLY THING THAT IS CONSTANT IN LIFE IS CHANGE, this is very true in case of CZECH FINANCIAL LAW. If you are looking for a one stop solution to handle most of the bureaucracy and tax efficiency without having to pay huge fees. Please contact Jana Sazimova.</p><p class="MsoNormal">I have 19 years of rich experience in handling different revenue models, and have advised and filed taxes for several corporations and individuals. <br /></p><p class="MsoNormal">If you are looking for someone honest, trustworthy, friendly and reliable do contact me.</p>

Jana Sazimova

Luznicka 417/6, Praha, 39001

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No response

Reviewed by Karin Heinitz 01.03.2020
Only after I looked at Ms Sanimova's website again because I hadn't heard from her did I notice that the last review was from 2013. She doesn't seem to be active any longer.

Excellent service, super responsive

Reviewed by Charlesmudy 31.07.2013
Mrs. Jana Sazimova is excellent when it comes to anything relating to Tax. She is very responsive, knowledgeable and professional. She knows it in and out, either to fix a tax issue or starting up. She will provide a complete solution that WORKS! Trust me, you will love her service - she is always available to help.

Excellent, professional service

Reviewed by Sarah Vaughan 28.03.2013
Jana is efficient, professional and helped me a great deal with a very daunting task - my tax return. She made the process smooth and easy and was always available via email. Highly recommended!

Fast and reliable! Recommend!

Reviewed by Migster 11.03.2013
I rate Jana’s service as excellent. Smooth communication (in English), Jana answered all my questions with extreme ease and professionalism. In less than a week all my papers were ready to be submitted to the tax authorities.

Excellent all-round service.

Reviewed by Ilan Morris 24.07.2011
I have had Jana and her son Martin as my accountants for the past two years and I have been extremely satisfied. Cooperation with Jana is very smooth and she answers questions promptly, professionally and with clear English. She is able to mediate with financial authorities with great effect and her and Martin have been very dynamic in the way they have been able to improve the accounts of my business. As well as fulfilling all book-keeping... read more