Svornosti 26/880, Praha 5, 15000

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We are swimming school for adults and kids and we believe, that all the necessary abilities for successful swimming you already have. We provide private swimming lessons and swimming courses.

We teach swimming of all styles at any level of skills, every training is with the fully individual approach.
Visit our website for more about Swimtime and our services on https://www.swimtime.cz/en/

We teach adults (non-swimmers, beginners, intermediate swimmers) to proper swimming technique.
The aim of the swimming classes is to teach the client to respect the characteristics of the aquatic environment.

In a simple way, you will experience your feelings, when moving through the water. With a sequence of preparational and technical exercises, you can handle any swimming style or technical element.

Learn to control the beginners natural panic reactions of the body (feeling of sinking down or when you dive your head into the water it disables your exhale and inhale after you are back above). Once you understand these elements, any movement will be easier and safer. You will learn the basics of swimming styles and gain confidence in the pool, river, sea or lake. We offer gift vouchers - we believe it is a gift for a lifetime.

Please, before you send us a message, check out our website, where you can find all information about our lessons. www.swimtime.cz

Send a message: lukas@swimtime.cz

You can fill our detailed contact form here (copy the link and paste it into your browser): https://lukaslindner.typeform.com/to/vXpTHX


Svornosti 26/880, Praha 5, 15000

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