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Speed Dating is an modern and time-effective method of meeting other singles live, face to face. Isn't that better than wasting your time on internet dating sites??? ;) Only if you meet in person, you will find out if there is some chemistry. We offer various age categories for Czech and English speaking. Always check our website www.expats-date.cz for a current list of speed dating events in Prague and Brno.

The speed dating events of Rande Motýl are held in various locations in the center of Prague and Brno. One of our flagship locations is the Zizkov Tower - just a short walking distance from the namesti Jiriho z Podebrad.

During one evening you will meet up to 15 other singles. There is one welcome drink (beer, wine or non-alcoholic beverage) and a guarantee included in the price of the speed dating event. Guarantee means that if you don't pick anyone you will get the next speed dating event for free.

How does speed dating work

The rules of speed dating are quite simple. A group of singles gathers at a cafe or similar venue. Armed with a nametag with a nickname, a scorecard and their sparkling personality, they are paired up and their first date begins.

Following four minutes of conversation, a bell is rung, the men proceed to the next lady, and another three-minute date begins. The ladies always remain at their own tables.

Following each date, participants mark on a card whether they would have an interest in meeting their date again. If a mutual interest is noted, meaning that the person you have picked has also picked you, speed-dating organizers provide each party with the other's contact information (email and nickname).

From that point on, everything is up to you. You arrange to meet and start getting to know each other better.

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Speed Dating for Expats

posted by Anonymous
20:08:49 17/03/2010

I was pleasently surprised. The place was really nice, the people interesting and the atmosphere relaxed. I have a busy life and demanding career, speed dating I can fit in my schedule. It would take me long time to meet so many new people. The 3 minutes (well I think it was a bit more) are quite enough to to sense if there is some spark. I can only recomend it to everyone who is fed up with the online dating and does not like to waste time. It reallly is quite effective way to meet someone. Of course if it will lead to something more permanent only time will tell. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

speed dating

posted by Anonymous
16:04:54 25/09/2009

I did not know much about speed dating, a friend of mine just told me that she heard about it somewhere. I googled it: invented in the U.S., quite popular and effective, and it even appeared in my favorite Sex and the City series - yeah, I remembered that one. Well, since we were both recently dumped, we decided to give it a try. To arrange everything is so easy, you do it all online - choose the term, book it, and pay it. In your mailbox, together with the confirmation you also receive your nickname, under which you will present yourself at the event. Those nicknames are actually quite funny - names of warrior heroes from various movies. All that seemed so fine, but when the “big day“ came, we felt so nervous. We met much earlier, for few drinks... not that it would really help, we still felt so nervous. What are we gonna ask them? What if everybody there is gonna be ugly? What if they will think we are ugly? Ah, that was so bad idea to go there! Even when we finally got to the place, where the event was to be held, we were still so reluctant to participate... We argued which one of us got this bloody idea, and almost run away. Luckily, we stayed. Once it actually started, it was all fine, and we both really enjoyed ourselves. As a girl, you just sit by the table, and men are coming to you. You have some three minutes with each of them. And it is not that hard to talk with a person for three minutes, you can ask them where are they from, how they like Prague, why they are here etc. or you even can talk about your silly nicknames, when there is really nothing on the top of your head to ask about. And we were both surprised, how nice men we met. None of the participant was ugly, stupid, unsociable or anything like that. All of them seemed quite smart and good-looking, both men and women. Before you sit by the table, you got a peace of paper, where all the nicknames of opposite sex participants are written, and a pen to make notes. I definitely recommend you to take some notes, because it may be sometimes quite difficult to remember who was who. In the middle, there was a little break, during which we went for another drinks and talked with two men for little bit longer than those three minutes. And after you talked to everybody, you are to decide who would you like to meet again. Then you indicate them on the list of nicknames, and if they also chose you, you will receive each other´s emails next day. The whole evening was very enjoyable; it is nice to get a chance to talk to about 14 single men in just about two hours. We both got some matches, I haven´t met all of them yet, but with one of them it looks like we could be good friends. And, even if I may not date any of them, I am really happy I came here, because it also makes you feel more confident about dating in general, you get to see it can be fun and quite easy, and you can become to feel more attractive. And so does think my friend.

Dating in the cloud! =)

posted by Maxim.Kuznetsov
23:11:10 16/07/2015

Last event was really cool and exciting! There were many nice check girls here, and - surprisingly - one girl was even from Russia! =) Not to mention the place itself was beatiful and romantic - Zizkov Tower, from where the whole city is visible like on your palm =) It was an amazing feeling - to sit at the window, sipping a cold drink and chatting with girls! Surprisingly, I've noticed that some of then knew each other; before event started they were talking to each other like an old good friends usually do! Which means, I believe, the event becomes more and more popular (I have been there several times and know =) ). So, great thanks to the organizers, thanks for your attention and - see you next time there! =)

Surprisingly Enjoyable

posted by Anonymous
10:10:22 19/03/2010

Dating is something I try to avoid like moldy bread or drinking someone else's beer. It never turns out well. Part of the reason for this is the artificial form of contact -- you don't know the girl, you're in a busy place: it's more of a job interview. Speed dating should be twice as bad, I thought, because it's even more artificial: you have less than five minutes with a girl. It's like a game show. To my regret, in January I lost a bet with my sister, who is also a heavy drinker. Tired of hearing me complain about being lonely, she directed me to this speed dating service. I attended an event in February. Here's what happened. First, I was surprised that the women seemed actually glad to see me. This does not often happen. Second, I was surprised that on average the women themselves were quite beautiful and attractive. I had rather expected something that had crawled out from the Metro tunnels. Third, the price for attending is ridiculously affordable. For the price of one date, you get several. And your chances of success -- as for me -- are excellent. I'm now dating two women I met at the February event. It is casual right now, but it has certainly cured my loneliness. The answer was very simple and I'm surprised I didn't try this sooner. I hope this has been a helpful review! If these women tire of me, I will gladly come back in April!

Expats Speed Dating

posted by Anonymous
13:01:39 20/09/2009

I was pretty nervous before going to the speed dating, but all the nervousness went away with the first dating round. It is amazing how easy it is to talk to someone you have never seen before when there is a three minute deadline hanging over your head. I had no expectations, but was quite amazed how many beautiful and pleasant women attended this event. I have never been that comfortable or interested in picking up women in bars or clubs. Here it was easy. There was no need for pick up lines, which allowed me to relax and just be myself. You already know that the women are interested in dating and the three minutes is quite enough to sense if she might be also interested in you. When I looked around, I saw that everyone was smiling and laughing. I think people really enjoyed it and had a good time. From the organizational point of view, I think it was well organized. I had received a confirmation email when my payment arrived, a reminder few days before the event and the event results arrived to my Inbox the same night. Also, the place had a very good ambient, great wine and a very friendly wait staff. My only criticism would be that it was sometimes hard to hear people because the place was quite small...but well hearing people is hard in any bar or club. I've had three matches and now I am exploring where it will go. I can only recommend speed dating to everyone who is trying to find a date.