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Mission of Find L'Amour is to help everyone with an open heart and mind to find their right match while finding oneself on the way. Find L´Amour offers highly personal custom-made private matchmaking, speed datings and love management programs which move people´s lives to a higher level.

Find L'Amour Matchmaker Katarina Nemcova and her team will erase all your concerns regarding love and relationships and will introduce you to a brand new life made of love, joy and happiness. Katarina will find you an amazing match, schedule and plan your introduction, and provide you with the inside scoop on what your date thought of you. Not only that, she will set you up for success so you're prepared when you meet 'the one'.

Find L'Amour has great testimonials and works with a wide range of clients from all over the world who are open to change their love lives for better - from singles through divorced to those dissatisfied in their current relationships.

If you're ready to launch a brand new chapter of your love life, do not hesitate and contact Katarina. She is looking forward to hearing from you!

Don´t let love pass you by :)

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Find the true love and even more: yourself!

posted by Vera Klimsova
19:07:10 04/12/2018

Find L'Amour and the two swans in its logo caught my attention at first glance when I found the website: I said to myself: This is IT! I did not look for a "sexy-looking" guy, a usual marketing trick and symbol of many match-making agencies. I was also not looking for someone who wants to be a "friend with benefits". I was "just" looking for the true love 🙂. I went to a few Find LAmour Singles nights and although none of the men caught my heart, the "Find L'Amour" team and its founder Katarina Němcová did. Katarina approaches all her events and clients in a very authentic, personal, kind and professional way. Although I am still searching for my significant other, I know that with Find L'Amour I am at the right place: every private date I had through them, party or self-development happiness weekend brought something new, beautiful and enriching to my life. I have met amazing and inspiring people who, just like me, believe that "He/She is somewhere out there". The team of Find L'Amour: for example, Milan Hojdar and John Hawken who lead tantra workshops, Filip Vlčko who made a very thorough and personal Chinese astrology BaZi analysis and Katarina herself with her kind and empathetic approach showed me other ways of finding true love :-): self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-love ❤. So I would love to thank Katarina and the whole team for every new Happy Beginning they brought into my life, and I keep in mind that Happy Ending is indeed on each of us 🙂

Katarina is professional!

posted by Alena Sokolová
19:07:46 02/04/2018

Restless, enthusiastic and passionate, Katarina Nemcova approached me via a hostessing platform when searching for some fresh blood for her agency. I was impressed by her brand Find L’Amour at first sight. Classy, sophisticated and timeless just like Katarina herself, Find L’Amour seemed to appear very positive to everyone around who knew the brand. I feel so happy I decided to try it! First I started as a hostess at one of Katarina’s singles parties in Prague which was just extraordinary! Katarina is a perfectionist and people lover and it shows at every aspect of her work. It was my honor to work with this charismatic woman whose circle of contacts seems to be limitless. Shortly I took part in Find L’Amour Happiness Weekend where I met Katarina’s team of superfriendly professionals for whom their work is their hobby and passion. I also realized that successful, open-minded and inspiring participants wanting more out of life are a pattern, not an exception, at Katarina’s events. The men I met through Find L’Amour were confident, charismatic and authentic gentlemen, strong personalities with a good sense of humor and wits. I have no idea where the hell Katarina and her Brand Ambassadors are finding them all! It has been a few days since I returned from the last Katarina’s Happiness Weekend and I feel harmonized, energized and relaxed, having a few new friends in my life, determined to work more on myself. I am full of positive impressions and feeling very grateful for this precious experience.

Dating scam

posted by Valentino Conti
23:11:51 14/01/2018

‘Find Lamour’ is owned by a thief called Katarina Nemcova. She charges high fees for her speed dating and even steals money from people… basically she reserves you a spot. So you then arrive but it is full. So you try to come back next week, but full up again… and meanwhile she has taken your money for it. This is a dating scam. I had a very bad experience with Katarina and her event. She cheated me out of money for her services in match making. I was not impressed and I do not recommend this service.

The best exclusive matchmaking and self-development agency in Europe

posted by Marek Sacha
16:04:15 05/01/2018

I have known Katarina for 2 years and was the client of her matchmaking and self-development agency Find L'Amour for half a year. The reason why I decided to delegate my love search to Katarina Nemcova is that I am a very busy professional running a big company and have very limited time to look for a partner myself. Finding the right match for a long-term relationship isn't an easy thing to do, at least not in my case, and Katarina is the only matchmaker and relationship consultant I know who can handle even most challenging cases like mine brilliantly. I'm saying that based on my first hand experience as well as the experience of others I know who used Find L'Amour services. People ask different experts for help with their finances, diet, pets etc., but they don't invest into the most important thing in their life - themselves, not understanding that their own state of mind directly influences all other areas of their life. I do, and that's where my success lies. Katarina did not only introduce me to a number of amazing women out of which I chose the one I was most compatible with, she also gave me useful advice on how to sustain a happy relationship. Another Find L'Amour service I was very impressed with was a tailor-made self-development "happiness program" which helped me at difficult times when I seeked balance, peace and a brand new start. The program helped me to let go, relax, get from thinking to feeling, to transform my disturbing emotions into something meaningful, feel fulfilled and happy inside and to have an energy surplus for everyone around me including my partner.

Find L'Amour eliminates loneliness!

posted by Анастасия Боркун
15:03:07 09/04/2016

Hi everyone! My name is Anastazie. I asked Catherine to help me with my serious problem;) To eliminate loneliness. And she has helped...! She helped us to know each other through speed dating. And as it says, there are no coincidences. ;)) It´s really very hard to find the right match nowadays. That´s why its really fine, if someone does it professionally. I wish to a company Find L'Amour big success and prosperity, because they deserve it and do it with the soul. Thank you a lot. We will recommend your services to our lonely friends and acquintances. Big hug