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Czechies eShop offers gift boxes containing genuine Czech products with a story behind them. These neat gifts promote popular and interesting Czech merchandise. A Czechies gift box can be a nice souvenir from the Czech Republic, a company present, or a gift for your relatives, friends, and foreign visitors. You will receive a beautifully wrapped box along with a printed story of each product inside. A full range of our offers can be seen in our catalogue. Moreover, we are always more than happy to prepare an extra-special gift box by personal request. We can accompany your order with a gift card or special note for the donee.
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Za Mototechnou 2653/10, Praha 13, 15500

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A wonderful present for friends!

Reviewed by Sharon Boyes-Schiller 11.04.2016
We used for presents for visitors who had come to our vacation home here in the Czech Republic. They all loved the different boxes we had gotten, we have had four boxes so far and are very happy with the contents, the presentation and then thought behind the various gifts. It is often hard to find something "really Czech" for friends or family who visit, and I think the gift ideas behind really makes it simple to... read more