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I know what it is like to be an expat in Prague and need support, because I’ve been there! After going through my own trials and tribulations of moving here, starting a business, and raising a family; I started ReloCare. I’m committed to help you to enjoy your life in this beautiful city.

That’s why you can be sure that your problems, concerns, and needs will be given the care and attention you deserve!

Me and my team are not just committed to solving the practicalities of relocation, but much more. You can rely on our continued assistance for settling in, negotiating the language barrier, making life manageable. Even once you are already settled in Prague, things come up where you need support such as pregnancy, visa extension and foreign police notification as your family status or change of address, health issues, getting a drivers license, finding new and better home, etc. Curious what we are able to do for you? See the list of our services and if you don’t find what you need, feel free to contact us with your specific request.

My roles as an expat mother of two, wife, and businesswoman helped me to relate to different needs that people might have during relocation process or afterwards. I have been living in Prague since 1999 and I will make sure that your relocation is as smooth as possible. We are called ReloCare because we truly care about our clients. We offer more than just a list of services, but a supportive relationship with people you can trust!

Yours sincerely,

Dana Pick

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Relocare/Experience with Kristyna

posted by Serkan Gungor
17:05:52 15/05/2018

I wrote Relocare in the title of my review but actually it's about the people working under that title but not the company name itself especially when we talk about the service industry. So, I can only comment my experience with Kristyna Richtrova. I had a quite complicated immigration process considering that I relocated from a non-EU country, Turkey and Kristyna helped me a lot during all my employee card process from beginning till the time I picked up my employee card. First of all, she was always very responsive. I was receiving responses on my questions and requests on the same day or the next day at last. I believe that responsiveness is the most important criteria for these kind of processes when we comment on service quality. Secondly, she was always positive and result oriented while solving the issues whenever we faced any correction requests by the ministry. She is definitely knowledgeable on immigration and permit application processes and proposes the most efficient and quick solutions. Her guidance was always very comprehensive. Based on my experience, I could easily say that you would overcome any issues you may face during your immigration/employee card process if you work with someone like Kristyna.

Wonderful people and wonderful value

posted by Andrea Downing
11:11:57 09/04/2018

I can't recommend relocare highly enough. I had some frustrating paperwork issues and they helped quickly, cheerfully and efficiently. Great value, and top class service.

Great service - thank you!

posted by Johannes Weimer
14:02:36 14/03/2018

ReloCare has really been excellent in their Support for the relocation activities me and my Family had in moving from the US to Prague. Great follow up, Attention to Details, very timely residence Permit and clear guidance through the process. Thanks again!

Great relocation services

posted by Ana Lucia Demichei
10:10:46 13/03/2018

ReloCare has done an excellent and very professional work during my relocation to CZ. They have helped me with the apartment searching and initial setup in the new country. They have enough experience to provide some tips and good recommendations. I definitely recommend their services for newcomers :)

Highly not recommended

posted by
14:02:32 07/09/2015

We contacted the agency through an Israeli company that works with the owner. We were in communication for several months. We were in the dark, the entire time. Nothing was explained properly, and the icing on the cake was a few days before we got here, and the agency decided to stop the apartment hunt, cause we came with three dogs, and that meant loosing 50% commission. We didn't understand why they were doing it, since we were in the process of filing a visa application. In time, when we were fed up with the fact that we knew nothing about the visa processes, and no one was willing to explain it, we left and started working with a Czech company. At that time, we also realized that the visa process with relocare would have cost us 4 times what the Czech company asked, for the same services. And when we asked to stop all communication, relocare kept 200 $ for themselves claiming to cover their expenses. Would recommend everyone to think carefully before signing or paying money to a company who isn't willing to share info with them.