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Need help with relocation? Someone to guide you? Or to be your personal assistant, help you with settling in the Czechia or set up a business here?

For any needs you might possibly have related to or not limited to your relocation in Czechia, give me a call or message me and i will be there to help you. I speak the language and I am fully bilingual Czech and English, with experience dealing with expats and their needs. I have permanent residence in Czechia, that enables me to be fully engaged for your projects. Perhaps you just need first explore Czechia, you can also check our holiday home accommodation by clicking on our website with plenty of references from former guests of our Airbnb home.

I will help you to:
-set up in Czechia by getting you permanent residence, accommodation rental apartment or a house, your first home in Czechia, with the possibility to invest into a new home,
-conquer and handle the red tape, usually it is a matter of being a local and having someone that speaks the language and that translates for you, assist you in your journey saves you your time, hassle and money,
-navigate you through banking relationships to establish a contact with the right bank and open the account for you, taking into consideration your long term plans for a business or employment and getting a mortgage to acquire a home,
-develop plan to start a life in the country such us Czechia, relating to viability of stay, such us help you find a long term employment, create a business plan and do the research, opening a business usually starts way before landing in Czechia,
-provide, research anything about Czechia, pick you up at the airport, with the ability to move around your belongings from point A to B, getting you to your temporary residence,
-frequent personal, virtual contact through messaging apps. or face to face meetings or video conferences,
-get you other services not mentioned here, but anything can be done to get you right on track, up and running.

How it works?
Receive your support 1st day (5 hours) completely free! If your initial needs are not satisfied within this time. I will be there for you on hourly basis 180CZK per hour. If I get things done for you within the 1 day of the free introductory offer and you will feel, that you no longer need me you do not own me anything and we will part as friends.

I am able to take one client at a time, so first come, first serve basis, but no issue i will schedule you in my calendar and take into account your arrival to Czechia. Get back to me to discuss your needs, will be happy to serve you. Rostislav Ross

To find out more about me, click on my LinkedIn profile or my Website.

Special offer: Help with the relocation, settling.

1st day (5 hours) completely free! Then 180CZK per hour.
Help with the relocation, settling.

Rostislav Ross Šabatka Relocation Service

V Roháči I. 1248, Jesenice, 25242

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