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Every relocation is a unique story! We know that, so choose us to take care of the whole process! Whether you are coming to Prague for work or freelance, alone or with your family, for a year or a lifetime – we will be your first friend in Prague to help with everything you need. We offer comprehensive and custom-made immigration, visa and real-estate solutions with a human touch for passionate travellers like you!

Don’t spend your precious time figuring out the information, processes, needed documents and authorities on your own – leave it to us and we will take your headache away so you have time to actually enjoy Prague!

MOVETOPRAGUE RELOCATION EXPERTS founded by Jan and Daria has been in relocation business for almost 10 years now, and we have not lost a bit of enthusiasm, we are just crazy about what we do.

Some of the services we provide:

- short/long term rental (flat or house)
- selling/buying a property (flat or house)

- help with long term visas, long term and permanent residencies
- help with trade licence
- insurance for foreigners
- opening a bank account
- Czech sim card
- public transport card
- preschool/school/university search
- translations
- picking you up from the airport
- and many other useful services :)

Drop us an e-mail at, call us at +420 776 495 655, find us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube! We are easily reachable and we will be more than happy to help you find your new home in Prague or just answer all your possible questions about relocation to Prague :)

Have a great day!

Jan and Daria on behalf of the whole staff!

Move to Prague - Relocation services!

Ječná 243/39a, Praha 2, 12000

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Exactly what I needed!

Reviewed by Stewart Delo 24.11.2015 got me exactly the apartment I needed, and continued to support me even after I moved in. They're devoted, flexible and they have an intimate knowledge of the city. Most importantly, they listen to their clients' needs and do their best to meet them. An excellent service!

An absolute dream :)

Reviewed by Laurel Ann 18.11.2015
My best friend and I began our apartment search at a very difficult time, when many affordable options are being snapped up by students returning to school. After browsing on our own for a bit, we contacted Jan and he got us started almost immediately. Jan makes an effort to really get to know his clients, and he is very open and friendly in return. He showed tireless dedication to us and our needs, and within two weeks we were signing a lease... read more

Excellent and highly personable service

Reviewed by Andrew Markham 12.11.2015
It is clear from the moment that you meet Jan that he genuinely cares about his customers. He is exceptionally personable and works his hardest to accomodate the needs of his clientele. His services were efficient and quite successful, only having to tour two different spaces before finding one that suited our needs.We have been happily living in the apartment Jan helped us find for a month now without any problem.

Friendly, personalised service. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Hugo Corbett 10.11.2015
Having secured a job in Prague, I needed accommodation. The company hiring me recommended Jan's company, and this turned out to be an excellent recommendation. In person, Jan was friendly and laid-back from the outset. Behind the scenes he was incredibly resourceful and worked extremely hard to find a place that would match my expectations, and despite the odd hiccough along the way, he remained helpful and patient throughout... read more

Jan is the best

Reviewed by Cody Perk 05.11.2015
I moved to Prague in September for a course in teaching English. During the course I lived in housing provided by the school, but afterward we all needed to move out in a hurry to make room for the next group. Almost all of us went to MoveToPrague for help, and we were all awestruck by Jan's resourcefulness, dedication, and friendliness. I had been in touch with him since before leaving home and was already struck in the first emails by how... read more

Found us the perfect flat!

Reviewed by Melissa Griffis 15.09.2015
I recently came to prague with a few friends and we needed a flat for all three of us, in a good area, and at a good price. I am so glad we chose Jan because he was able to do all of that for us! He was very helpful throughout the whole process, and always made sure things were running smoothly. He made sure everything was set up, provided us places to buy furniture, and even someone to help us move our stuff. I feel comfortable and confident... read more

The Best Decision You Can Make When Moving To Prague!

Reviewed by Christine.DeFehr 27.08.2015
Before moving to the Czech Republic, my partner and I decided to use MovetoPrague as we were feeling quite nervous about our trip. We had never been to Prague before, we didn't speak any Czech and felt overwhelmed by all the things that are required when moving to a new country. We purchased the Welcome Package, so upon arrival we were picked up t the airport. Then in the following days, we were given help by Jan to get a bank account, a... read more

The best choice I could make!

Reviewed by Dararie.Sorouri 24.08.2015
I don't usually write reviews on anything, but I could not help doing so this time! Movetoprague was supporting me through all the way of my relocation. My aim was to establish a business here, open a visa and move completely. Not only Jan and Daria answered all my questions, but they were on support hold for me 24/7, and were communicating to all the authorities when I could not. They literally did the whole huge job and I did not have to... read more

Awesome Service!

Reviewed by Adam Levine 06.08.2015
Jan is the man! My roommates and I recently moved to Prague and it was great to have an expert go to bat for us! He got my roommates and I exactly what we wanted. He also sent us links to find the things that we still needed like beds and other furniture. I highly recommend using this service! You wont regret it!

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed by Steve Johnson 29.06.2015
I recently moved to Prague from the UK and had the good fortune to choose Move To Prague to assist with my relocation. I first contacted MTP some 6 months or so before I actually made the move, and during this pre move phase dealt exclusively with Jan by email. My emails were always responded to quickly and fully, and there was never any attempt to pressurise me into parting with any money - indeed, I only sent my down payment a week or so... read more

Super friendly service

Reviewed by Savvas Savva 18.05.2015
I moved to Prague to work as self employed. The process to get all the necessary papers was maybe easy to locals but for a foreigner is hard especially if he doesn't know the language. Thanks to I managed to get everything on time. They helped me with whatever I asked them (not only for the papers but general stuff about Prague as well), they answered all my questions either by email or in person and most important they... read more

Dreame came true!

Reviewed by Perla.Espinoza 22.04.2015 is a team you can trust in. 100%. Just tell them what you have on your mind and they will do their best to get it. You will feel if a very good friend of you is helping, making the moving easy and smooth. Even, I am already in Prague, since 2 weeks and I got apartment since 1 week, they still helping me. Be sure, you will get a quality service. :)

Best of the best

Reviewed by Geert van Staeyen 21.04.2015
When you move to Prague the last thing you have to worry about is where to sleep. Daria, Thomas and Jan took this worry away. They found me an excellent appartemant and helped even to get me the contracts of gas and electricity. Very friendly people that look beyond there business and are there for you. Still after all these months they keep in contat and are always willing to help me. Fast, quickly and friendly. Keep the works up and... read more

Always more than expected!

Reviewed by Nikky.Tulavi 17.03.2015
I was moving to Prague for work and needed to settle here down as soon after my arrival as possible so I contacted several relocation agencies and asked them the same questions. Attitude of employees was far away from any other agency so I decided to hire their services. I first ordered the accommodation search service and wanted to do the rest on my own just with a little guidance from them. MoveToPrague found me a really... read more

Simply fantastic.

Reviewed by 17.02.2015
I put off registering at PRE for months because I speak very little Czech. Jan accompanied me and the procedure still took 90 minutes! I sincerely think it would have been impossible without his help. Similarly with my property taxes- impossible without Jan's help. I was very impressed with his prices and his motivation. What a nice guy! In summary, Jan makes the impossible possible! Neil.