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Hello there,

we are Jan and Daria, and here is our MOVE TO PRAGUE relocation services - Your first friend in Prague!

Being expats and travelers ourselves, we had experienced a lot of troubles dealing with visas, licenses, accommodation and other bureaucracy. So, we said ENOUGH and established our own company almost 6 years ago, and decided to do everything in a different way, to really guide you, to be your first friend in Prague before and after your arrival! We are the ones you can always rely on and we will be more than happy to help you anytime with any task! Over these years, you, our clients, have become our dearest friends, and we are happy to claim us YOUR FIRST FRIEND IN PRAGUE! :)

Some of the services we provide:

- short/long term rental (flat or house)
- selling/buying a property (flat or house)

- help with long term visas, long term and permanent residencies
- help with trade licence
- insurance for foreigners
- opening a bank account
- Czech sim card
- public transport card
- preschool/school/university search
- translations
- picking you up from the airport
- and many other useful services :)

Drop us an e-mail at or call us at +420737045575! We will be more than happy to help you find your new home in Prague or just answer all your possible questions about relocation to Prague :)

Have a great day!

Jan and Daria on behalf of the whole staff!

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High quality

posted by Yann Michot
23:11:21 26/10/2017

When I planned to move to Prague, of course I looked for an agency for helping me, and choosing a such agency is always difficult from remote. But MoveToPrague is really a very good choice. All they announce on their website or they wrote to me in their answer to my first email was true ! No bad surprise ! I used their services for finding a flat, getting residence permit, an Internet access, a bank account, a mobile phone number, a card for public transportation, and even registering my car in Czech Republic. All of these tasks were made very seriously, with no problem, always in time, by Dominika and Marie, who are very professional in their respective activities. Thanks a lot to them ! And the last good surprise : fees are very reasonable for quality of provided services. Conclusion is simple : you can really trust this agency, they deserve it and you won't have any regret !

The Best

posted by Paul Fisk
15:03:47 08/08/2017

Unlike most expats, I decided to use a relocation agency after I had already been here for 10 years. I was quite busy with my company and also in a situation that I had not been in before. To make a long story a short one, Jan and the staff at Move to Prague went way above and beyond in what was an unusual situation for all of us and got the job done. I would hire nobody else after experiencing the dedication, knowledge and determination that I just did. There is no better and I will certainly be using their services again in the future.

Dominika and a two bedroom in Zizkov

posted by Luke Skoza
22:10:06 07/07/2017

My friend Norah and I recently moved to Prague to work as English teachers and artists... Dominika helped us search for a flat in our preferred neighborhood for almost two weeks... She was really helpful, professional,diligent, and kind.. I would recommend her to anyone who is new to Prague and looking for a flat...

Professional | Friendly | Amazing

posted by Michal Šrámek
17:05:24 12/06/2017

Me and my wife would most definitely recommend the services of Move to Prague, as they were extremely helpful with arranging everything that needed to be done for us to settle down in the beautiful city of Prague. Jan, and his colleagues, always replied to our e-mails very quickly, and in a professional yet friendly manner. Contacting Jan and Daria prior to our move to Prague was one of the best decisions we have done! THANK YOU!

Trustworthy, helpful, friendly and very professional staff

posted by Leslie Cubillos
10:10:42 05/05/2017

I would like to recommend Move to Prague because they have helped me since I started to contact them and I was sending emails for a year!. I was asking A LOT of questions and I still do and they are very very patient and able to explain all your doubts. I found a very nice place to live, i described what I wanted and after a week I had the perfect place to start my life in Prague. If you need to solve some things, they will immediately try to help you and will sort it out. If you are planning to move to Prague, I definitely recommended them. I tried to do things on my own last year and it didn't work, so I contacted Jan, he gave me some advice and now I have a place to live, VISA and the job a wanted. Your dreams can come true if you believe in yourself but also if you are supported by MOVE TO PRAGUE.