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I’m a writer and copyeditor who specializes in proofreading texts written in English by Czech writers. I have a master’s degree in creative writing (University of Montana, 2009) and a bachelor’s degree in English (University of Texas, 2006). For the last decade, I’ve worked as a freelance editor for major publishers such as Penguin Random House. I’ve also published three books of my own, most recently with the New York City publisher Black Lawrence Press.

I studied Czech literature in translation at university, where, a decade ago, I received a writing award to travel to Prague, and I fell in love with the city. Having lived in Malá Strana for the last 3 years, I’m available to proofread anything written in English: essays, dissertations, emails, cover letters, business reports, advertisements, brochures, proposals, press releases, etc.

Local clients include Karolinum Press, Charles University Department of Political Science, Charles University Department of South Slavonic and Balkan Studies, Czech National Institute of Mental Health, University of South Bohemia, Statuss Magazine, and Unicom.

After I edit your text, it will sound natural, clear, and confident, as if written by a native English speaker. I look forward to helping you improve your written English!


Special offer: Free Sample Edit

To help you decide if you want to hire me, I'm happy to do a sample edit, free of charge. Just email me a page from your manuscript and I will return my sample edit to you shortly.
Free Sample Edit

Scott Alexander Jones - Prague Proofreader

Plaská 613/12, Praha 5, 15000

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Alenka Jensterle-Doležal

Reviewed by Alenka Jensterle-Doležal 31.07.2020
Scott Alexander Jones is a good proof-reader. He has corrected some of my English articles on literature and literary history. As a native speaker he always sends me polished texts in time. He always improves the language of the text. He works fast and he is very flexible to work with. dr. Alenka Jensterle Doležal, Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Top-notch editing

Reviewed by Mike Baugh 29.06.2020
Scott is my go-to editor when Karolinum / Charles University Press needs an English editor of the highest caliber. Whether it's a book on theater, economics, or philosophy, Scott provides excellent insights during the editing process and delivers us polished texts that I'm confident to send off to our printers. Lots of native speakers here pass themselves off as editors and proofreaders, but Scott is the real deal. He's a consummate... read more

Great experience proofreading a book!

Reviewed by Jakub Stepan 22.06.2020
Scott is very fast and efficient. He leaves very insightful comments that go beyond agreed scope of work. I have already had my book proofread by two USA editors, but only after Scott's take the book is ready for publishing. Overall, I whole-heartily recommend Scott and would use his services in the future.

Excellent editor and proofreader!

Reviewed by Nadia Zavorotna 12.05.2019
We made our acquaintance only recently, but Scott already helped me a lot with my writing. First, he proofread a preface to my book on very short notice. Scott not only finished this task on time, but he also provided me with a very helpful feedback. He improved the language of the text looking not only at the sentence structure and word choices, but also for spelling mistakes and typos. Scott was also interested in the content of the text, as... read more

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed by Ana Gogichaishvili 24.04.2019
I have worked with Scott several times. Mostly the documents, he edited for me, were academic papers with my bachelor's thesis included. The work was always done with high quality and in a timely manner. I'm sure those who work with official documents will especially appreciate the cooperation with Scott because he works fast, is very flexible to work with and is a great expert in the area. I like that he is very attentive to details and... read more

Great teacher and proofreader!

Reviewed by Monika Martish 29.11.2017
Scott´s professional attitude attracted my attention from the beginning. I have experienced several English teachers and proofreaders and it was always the same problem to find date to meet or to keep the deadline. No such problem has ever emerged with Scott. He is also able to satisfy special requirements, combine editing job and teaching, extract your mistakes and provide you with explanation and recommendation how to improve. He is also... read more