Základní škola Square

Svatoslavova 333/6, Praha 4, 14000

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We are Square.
A place for the most important people in the world.
We’re creating the world that can connect both little and grown up ones and to develop all of them.

The Square School is an international primary school that follows the concept of successful concept kindergartens and nurseries Bambíno www.skolkybambino.cz

In the Square world, our education has its own style keeping up with the times and showing us how to learn and how to think. Our goal is to allow children to use knowledge learned at our school during their entire lives. We want our graduates to be able to interconnect theoretical and practical experience, to use critical thinking, to present their opinions and ideas, and to be prepared for the current world full of opportunities and challenges.

Classes of the Lower Primary School will be open in September 2018 and then we account for opening the Upper Primary School.

Why to Square:
Czech-English classes
a Czech teacher and a native speaker for each class
project method of teaching
integrated subjects
option of choosing interest
maximum 20 children per class
learning from 8.30 am, school’s opening hours from 7.30 am to 6 pm
marking – combination of percentage and oral evaluation
even share of individual and team work during the education
homework in the form of projects, not daily tasks
modern technologies at the education
online review of what is happening at school
multicultural school environment
afternoon clubs at school
self counselling center
option of school transportation

To make our school as accessible as possible, we have chosen the locality of the Prague broader centre – Nusle.
+420 602 633 310
Address: Svatoslavova 333/6, Prague 4 - Nusle

Základní škola Square

Svatoslavova 333/6, Praha 4, 14000

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