Villa Luna International Kindergarten and Nursery

Radlická 751/113e, Praha 5, 15800

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Villa Luna International Kindergarten and Nursery offers a safe and caring environment that encourages children to grow and explore. We offer your children, from 15 months up to 7 years of age, a unique childcare program with caring teachers who will help your child to discover the freedom they need throughout their life. The dedicated and experienced teachers give the children a part of themselves and travel through life experiences together, gaining their trust and wisely guiding them through the most formative years of their lives. The atmosphere at Villa Luna is one of mutual respect, fun and the security of home.

We have a trilingual concept (Czech-English-German) with native speakers of each language present throughout the whole day. Our multicultural environment is one of our most significant characteristics as various languages can be heard from all different corners of our school. We are open from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and aim to fulfil the needs of busy working parents.

Our nursery school caters to children from 15 months of age to 3.5 years, divided into two groups. The smallest children spend their time in our youngest nursery room under the watchful care of our loving professional nursery workers. It is a place of peace and joy, while at the same time full of gentle stimuli and new experiences to learn. Each child is treated individually and all his or her needs are fulfilled, both physical and emotional.
As soon as the children are eager to experience and learn more, they graduate to the older nursery group, where they spend their days full of fun activities; singing, dancing, making crafts etc. They are gently led and encouraged to become independent and capable individuals.

The kindergarten groups continue to expand the children’s horizons, with the teachers giving the best of their specific talents in the form of interest groups and engaging projects made up of diverse activities. They focus on developing the children’s abilities in all directions and preparing them for entering school, and their future life.

Activity clubs within attendance (language clubs, ballet, yoga, swimming, gym, special music club, flute, arts and crafts workshops, etc.). External specialists (psychologist, speech therapist, dentist, music teachers). Experience trips included in the school fee.

Villa Luna International Kindergarten and Nursery

Radlická 751/113e, Praha 5, 15800

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