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We discover children's natural talents and help them to achieve everything they are capable of. The daily program inspires children to explore the world around them, gain experience and establish new relationships with their environment. A perfect balance between instruction and game playing is what you will discover at our facility. Preschool is the first stop on your child’s path to education. Our classrooms are well equipped with the appropriate tools and stimulating toys.
Smiling Baby School encourages a highly productive partnership between teachers, parents and instruction principles. As our partner, you will have numerous opportunities to communicate with us and learn about the educational process and the progress your child is making. We follow a custom designed unique instruction program based on the Framework Educational Program applied at preschool facilities in the Czech Republic, focused on the development of intellectual skills in preschool children.
The nursery school has introduced safety measures to ensure comfort and ease of mind for you and your child. We are here for your child.

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The best investment in the future of my two children

posted by Leyla.Ibadova
07:07:44 13/05/2015

I can talk about Smiling Baby School all day long and it will never be enough to express all what we feel about it. It’s a wonderful, loving and creative place, which surrounded by caring atmosphere. My son is in this kindergarten almost 3 years from the opening day, he graduates this year and starting school from September fully educated and very well prepared for the school by his wonderful teachers from the kindergarten. We are from the international family and when we came into Prague my son faced with 3 languages at the same time at home and in the kindergarten. At the begging he had a problems in pronouncing Czech letters but with a great help of qualified logoped teacher in the Smilling Baby School he is now fluently speaking in Czech and in English without any problems . My daughter also joined this kindergarten this year and enjoying perfect time. Anything we desired and wished for our children to have we found there. As a working parents we have no time to provide to our children additional activities during the day but Smilling Baby School fully satisfy our needs even in that. All sport activities, museums, operas, weekly swimming lessons, very qualified English teachers and many more. More over and one of the important things they have - amazing and highly professional teachers who dedicate all their efforts towards our children in order to develop and educate them. My children are very happy there and enjoy pleasant moments every day. I would certainly recommend this kindergarten to anyone. This is a carefree childhood which we must provide to our loved ones and first absolutely right investment into their future.

Truly holistic approach to leaning

posted by coco
13:01:21 02/02/2015

Smiling Baby School is an amazing facility run by very caring staff. They encourage children to reach their full potential through a variety of the latest techniques and using the most up to date learning materials. The school itself houses an indoor tropical garden, complete with small swimming pool for teaching infants, and a steam room. The range of subjects is really varied, from art and music, to simple science experiments. We’re very sure that the kids are having great fun while expanding their horizons on every level.

What's more than smiling baby making everyday progress?

posted by Nikol.Tosovska
12:12:34 25/05/2015

Like every parent considering putting his very young child to a nursery I was also worried how we handle it. However, SBS's nursery teachers (like all other employees) are professionals who exactly know how to work with a newcoming baby and include him into a group. They are very helpful and friendly and they give parents sufficient support and advice needed. I very appreciate their effort and work in developing baby's skills and abilities on a daily basis. I see continuous progress in daughters¨behaviour as well as her independence and thinking. I am a proud parent who struggle when getting my baby out of the kindergarten :) She is so happy here that she doesnt want to go home anytime. She enjoys weekly swimming classes, baby massages, dancing and painting and other educational lessons with big enthusiasm. I must fully agree with other parents writting here that this is really the best investment which I made in my child's future so far.

A great school for our 2 to 3 year old..

posted by Howard.Lotker
14:02:07 11/05/2015

Our daughter is going to the school now and she really enjoys it, loves going (almost) every day.. The school is in a beautiful historical villa right next to Stromoka park, so the kids have a great atmosphere to be in inside and out. When our daughter was making the transition into the next age / class level, the school director made it a point to check in on her every day to see how she was adjusting. Whenever we have had behaviour issues / phases the staff is always cooperative, and very communicative with us, so that we feel like we have real partners in them, and not mere babysitters.. The school provides a firm, fun, and solid structure for the kids to learn about the world around them.

No-compromise owner

posted by Anonymous
13:01:40 29/11/2013

Be ready to pay them a lot when your child is sick at home. And after that, pay them a lot again, to "keep the seat". We ended up paying them 145Eur a day. If that's not much money for you, try it - it may be as good as they think of themselves. Alex. *** Response from Smiling Baby School (29.11.2013): Smiling Baby School takes this opportunity to respond to a review on by “nikons” in order to clarify the situation referred to by this parent. As an introduction, Smiling Baby School (SBS) has been in operation at Cechova 29, Prague 7, a fully renovated historical building, for three years. We currently serve 75 students and their highly satisfied parents with a program specifically designed to individually identify and develop each child’s unique strengths and talents. SBS is one of the largest and most successful pre-schools in Prague with a capacity for 85 children. We are pleased to report that SBS has the support of all our parents who we meet with frequently to discuss the progress of their children as well as to clarify school behavior standards and operational procedures. What is most important to us is to develop strong working relationships between our children, their parents and our dedicated management and teachers comprised of 20 education professionals. We are proud to report that we have never experienced a negative response from our current or past parents. We would like to clarify the experience of “nikon” since the review indicates a lack of understanding of Smiling Baby School’s policies and behaviors which were agreed to at the outset of the relationship. Also, it is important to dispel the inaccuracies in the review and implications relative to the quality of SBS’s services. Like virtually all other private pre-schools, SBS’s has an agreement with parents to reserve and hold a space for their child during a specific month or agreed on period of time for a specific monthly fee. This guarantees a permanent space in the program. SBS’s monthly rate is 13000 Kc including VAT at 21%, complete food service and a full schedule of education and social activities for five days per week. Assuming an average of 22 school days per month, this amounts to 591 Kc per day. At the outset of our relationship, the fee program and attendance policies are thoroughly discussed with each parent to ensure complete understanding, and importantly, to clarify standard policies for when a student is absent during any given month. SBS’s liberal policy includes the following principles: a) Concessions on fees are made if a child is sick with a doctor’s notification over an extended period of time; b) If a child is ill for two weeks during any monthly payment period, the parent receives a 20% discount applied to the next monthly period; c) If the child is ill for four weeks of any monthly payment period, the parent receives a 50% discount applied to the next monthly period; and d) To reserve a space in the next three to six months SBS receives a down payment of 1500 Kc which is then deducted from the first monthly payment. We are disappointed that “nikon” did not understand the absentee policy and/or attempted to challenge or not honor it after having agreed to the policy at the outset of the relationship. The emotional response in the review has to do with the misunderstanding and not the quality or content of SBS’s program. Of course when a child is absent from the school without a medical reason, the cost of actual attendance per day is higher, but this outcome is solely the responsibility of the parent. Again, over a three year period of operation, we are pleased to report that there have not been any other misunderstanding of the absentee policy and that virtually all our parents and particularly our students are not only satisfied with but are enthusiastic about Smiling Baby School’s program and the short and long term results reflected in each child’s behavior. Our management and teachers sincerely express our appreciation to all our parents for the ongoing support and encouragement they provide as active participants in Smiling Baby School’s comprehensive program.