Keltská 92, Praha - západ, 25241

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ŠKOLIČKA DOLNOBŘEŽANSKÝ ČTYŘLÍSTEK is a bilingual Czech-English nursery and preschool where we focus on the current needs and interests of your child.

We apply elements of the following methods in our nursery and preschool:

Montesori – we develop your child’s self-reliance and self-care, and their ability to build social relationships; we help them cultivate their senses and understand the basics of language, mathematics, natural sciences, geography and history
Waldorf School – we emphasise the all-round development of children in both practical and artistic terms; children learn the values of truth (science), beauty (art) and goodness (spiritual values) as the basis for their further education
Outdoor activities – your children will spend considerable time in nature, and we pay attention to developing their imagination; children learn to feel comfortable in any weather, get to know and love nature and animals, and relate to the living world around them


Keltská 92, Praha - západ, 25241

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