KinderGarten English Preschool and Nursery Prague 6

Irsk√° 1, Praha, 16000

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The branch KinderGarten English preschool Prague 6 is a private language pre-school, which belongs to the network of the nurseries, whose educational-training program has gained the long year prestige on the market of pre-school education in Czech Republic.
We welcome children of all nationalities from the age of 18 months to 6 years, even without any knowledge of English. Application is possible during the whole year, depending on filled capacity of the nursery.

Branch Preschool Kindergarten Prague 6 is located near the street Evropska but in a quiet area and very close to the green, thanks to what we offer children a pleasant environment for their varied activities leading to their healthy development. At the same time facilitate easy accessibility to parents everyday transport children to school.

In our school we encourage the individuality of each child develop his talents and especially to expand its horizons in different areas. We offer children a wide range of art, music, sport and leisure activities so that each child has the opportunity to develop all areas of your personality. At the same time all activities learn independence and develop their self-confidence and strengthen their social ties with other peers.
All in everyday communication in English, as in normal daily activities the child is most easily adapts to communicate in a foreign language.
Easily removes his shyness and uncertainty in communicating in the English language and is rapidly absorbed another language in his future life will facilitate further learning foreign languages. It's easiest to start teaching foreign languages, how can their children later in life to give.
Teaching children and day care provided by qualified Czech and English teachers.
If interested, we will offer teaching Polish by a native speaker of the team.
Teaching takes the form of various games and it becomes quite natural for children and entertaining. Due to the fact that our educational program is suitable for children of Czech families and for children of foreigners, the child automatically acquires information about other languages and cultures and customs. Children very quickly due to fear of losing communication in a foreign language, insecurity and prejudice about foreign cultures and unfamiliar environment. They teach children mutual understanding and tolerance.

For children we offer a balanced and varied diet that will help them adopt healthy eating habits own future life.

KinderGarten English Preschool and Nursery Prague 6

Irsk√° 1, Praha, 16000

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