Jingle Bells Preschool Hradčanska - 100% English in 3 central locations

Mickiewiczova 240/15, Praha 6, 16000

  • Landline+420 233321747
  • Mobile phone+420 736606847


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Opening hours

Monday 08:00 - 18:30
Tuesday 08:00 - 18:30
Wednesday 08:00 - 18:30
Thursday 08:00 - 18:30
Friday 08:00 - 18:30
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
- 21st Happy Year - Established in 1999
- Easy-to-reach location near Prague Castle & Letna Park, P6 - trams, metro and free parking
- Sister branches at Nám.Míru & Karlovo Nám - check out the listings here on expat.cz
- Options for children 2 years to 6 years
- Experienced & supportive native English speaking teachers
- Open 12 months of the year
- Competitive preschool prices – inc. all BIO meals and activities
- Flexible Hours - part-time/full-time, 1 to 5 days per week (subject to availability)
- Located in historic villa surrounded by green parks with own spacious and beautiful garden - direct access to fantastic children's playground
- Healthy Balanced BIO Menu from Bionea
- Outdoor Learning Programme
- Great teacher pupil ratio
- Multicultural international community
- Play and Sensory exploration, creative arts-based and dynamic physical learning
- Happy, safe, secure and relaxed environment
- Children, staff and parents work together in a healthy partnership
- Optional School-in-Nature residential programme
- July and August Summer Camp options for all

Jingle Bells Preschool Hradčanska - 100% English in 3 central locations

Mickiewiczova 240/15, Praha 6, 16000

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Great place to be!

Reviewed by Milena Jebens Šanderová 13.12.2016
Jingle Bells mean a lot to us. Our son is is guided by loving, strong and intelligent tearchers into confident personalities. After two and a half years, we are ameazed by ability of the teaching staff to read the minds of these "little ones”. Jingle Bells breathes unleashed creativity, but there is also a system, and we are prositively surprised by calm atmosphere, and we have never seen any kids fight. If our son has had a conflict with a... read more

My son is having a lot of FUN at JB!

Reviewed by Atsushi Sato 12.12.2016
My son, 4 years old, joined in JB from the beginning of Nov. More than one month have passed and he is really enjoying it. I will take him to JB at 8AM and he will stay usually until 16:30. It seems to be a long day for 4 years old kid; however, he never say " I want to go home!". Instead, he always say "I will go tomorrow again! ". It means he is really enjoying the life in JB. There are also afternoon clubs and it makes my son also... read more

I don't want to go home mom!

Reviewed by Elodie Morin-Rager 25.11.2015
When you 3 and a half year old son is telling you every evening, after a long day at JB, that he doesn't want to go hime and wants to stay with "Monika", that says it all :) JB is a wonderful school, because it's people are wonderful: flexible, patient, warm yet fair, always in a good mood and ready to make sure all kids are in the most educative environment ever. Polly loves it there, we're more than happy because we know he's in fantastic... read more


Reviewed by Marta Sypalova 25.11.2015
When our daughter Sofie started to attend this wonderful preschool, she became totaly other person in the best way. She developes wonderfully like the nicest blossom. THANK YOU


Reviewed by Dita Vrbecká 23.11.2015
I wish my daughter stops growing up so that she could stay at Jingle bells forever! This school is so friendly. Not only towards the children but also towards the parents! It is a truly magical place with amazing staff and a Director like no other. Mia is so happy at Jingle bells and that makes me happy. (evey mother knows what I mean) These early years of preschool are so important and I am so glad Mia spent them at Jingle bells! When I... read more

Friendly, supportive and reassuring

Reviewed by Charles Osborne 20.11.2015
Our 2-year-old daughter was apprehensive at first but has come to enjoy being at Jingle Bells a lot. The staff are wonderful, the atmosphere is comforting for the kids and reassuringly efficient (for the parents). And it's really good to have all this in English. I'd thoroughly recommend Jingle Bells.


Reviewed by Antoine Mahé 16.11.2015
Our daughter is 3 years old and is going to JB for about 1,5 years. We are really happy to see our daughter evolve so fast. There is no doubt Jingle Bell contributes to her development thanks to the many activities they do (Swimming, Horse ridding, singing, dancing...). Also, her english has become really good already, allowing her to switch from Czech to French to English better every day. So summarize the school is Lively, friendly and... read more

We Love Jingle Bells!

Reviewed by Uniz Chuey 12.11.2015
My daughter loves going to Jingle Bells!


Reviewed by Uniz Chuey 12.11.2015
My daughter loves going to Jingle Bells!

second home

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 13.01.2015
We are a family from Moldova and we love Jingle Bells! I It became my son's second home, as he is spending most of his time there. I am really glad that Matei is going to school and stays there without crying and teally enjoys playing with his friends and teachers. He sais the teachers are his best friends :) His English has improved and we are so proud of his progress. We thank Angela, Camille, Roxy and Veronica for taking care of our son... read more

We love jingle bell♡

Reviewed by Keiko.keiko 08.01.2015
My daughter is 5 years old. I came for the first time in Prague from Japan. Me and my daughter does not speak English. Although Teacher is very kind!!! And so love is full♡ Daughter love teachers.I'm so happy and have peace of mind. School curriculum is so much fun!Daughter is very much enjoying it♡ We love jingle bell♡ I say with confidence!!!

Family feeling and great staff!

Reviewed by Mauro Lovecchio 07.01.2015
A really great preschool! Our 2,5 years old son keeps asking us to go to school in the weekends and gets sad when we tell him he has to wait till Monday. They have a very good program (including horse riding and swimming!) and excellent teachers. Our son has a lot of fun there and his English is improving quickly.

Best Preschool!

Reviewed by Julie Tylova 06.01.2015
We moved to Prague early this year from Florida, which is a big change on its own. Our older one loved his preschool back in US, so we wanted to make sure his new preschool will reach his expectations :-) we started somewhere else, but it wasn't our cup of tea. Thankfully we found Jingle Bells and all four of us are extremely happy. Both kids are excited in the morning to go to their preschool, they don't want to leave in the afternoon and I... read more

We could not have hoped for better!

Reviewed by Jeremy.Simpson 14.11.2014
We normally have someone taking care of Sammy while we are at work (he is going to be 9 months old) but she was ill and we needed urgently someone who would take Sammy just for a few days. Luckily we were referred to Jingle bells and brought him there. Every time I picked up Sammy from Jingle bells he was in a great mood and I could see that he had a great time. It felt so good to feel the positive atmosphere in the common rooms with the... read more

Wish I was 4 year old :-)

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 02.09.2014
My niece goes to Jingle Bells and I must say I wish I could go to this school if only I was 4 years old again:-)))) I have met most of the teachers and i love them all, they are very funny people. When I was little there was almost no humour in schools among the teachers and the kids! I am so jealous :-)