Jingle Bells Preschool - Hradčanská

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- 19th Happy Year - Established in 1999
- Easy-to-reach location near Prague Castle & Letna Park, P6 - trams, metro and free parking
- Sister branch at Namesti Miru
- Experienced & supportive native English speaking teachers
- Competitive preschool prices – inc. all BIO meals and activities
- Flexible Hours - part-time/full-time, 1 to 5 days per week (subject to availability)
- Located in historic villa surrounded by green parks with own spacious and beautiful garden - direct access to fantastic children's playground
- Healthy Balanced BIO Menu from Bionea
- British National Curriculum inspired, British run and est.
- Great teacher pupil ratio
- Multicultural international community
- Play-based, creative arts-based and dynamic physical learning
- Happy, safe, secure and relaxed environment
- Children, staff and parents work together in a healthy partnership
- Exciting and well-balanced programme
- We accept children 2 years to 6 years
- Optional School-in-Nature residential programme
- July and August Summer Camp options for all

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Top notch preschool

posted by Amanda Zvonkova
20:08:18 05/02/2018

Our 2.5 year old son loves going to Jingle Bells! The first thing that you will notice at Jingle Bells is the friendly and caring environment. Like a lot of parents, I was nervous at first since this would be the first time our son was away from us. The teachers, Veronika and Palika have been so amazing and kind - our son has really taken to them as have we. It is obvious that they love their jobs as well as the kids that go there. Our son's english has improved a lot since he started going - I knew it was a good school when he came home singing nursery rhymes that he learned. Jingle Bells is truly a top notch preschool.

Wonderful, warm and welcoming environment.

posted by veronika řeháčková
22:10:12 05/05/2017

love Jingle Bells FAMILY. Not only because of the English, but because of the overall atmosphere and attitude. Jingle Bells is a great place. Children are supported by a staff who are all friendly, welcoming, and genuinely interested in the individual children. My daughter fell in love with Rachel who is one of the kindest people I have ever met; she is an angel. Rachel stood at Jingle Bells Hradcaska and Lilien now attends Jingle Bells Namesti Miru, but nevermind, the teachers there are great too. Lili loves Michael who comes on Thursdays and Fridays; she always has a good time with him. She loves caring Kaimille, Kendra and all the other teachers. I always like to chat with Kaimille. I know that kids feel safe and happy there, and I'm happy because of that. The program is great, with many activities and many opportunities for pre-school children to learn and develop in. My daugter Lilien loves Zumba and Singlish the most. Whenever I come to pick her up, she is smilling and happy and she is always looking forward to going there again. I am really honored for the chance of reviewing this kindergarten. If you are looking for a safe and loving place for your child, Jingle Bells is the right choice.

Happy children!

posted by Veronika Cernohorska
23:11:55 17/12/2016

It´s been already one year since our little daughter started visiting Jingle Bells. She is such a happy there. It was not easy for us to find the right place. Many preschools seem professional, nice, offering many activities, healthy food etc. Jingle Bells offers something more in additional to these. Friendly and no stress atmosphere. What I mean. When you come to Jingle Bells you see " HAPPY CHILDREN & FACES", smilling, laughting, not stressed but disciplined. They are giving freedom to grow up, teach them how to be strong and polite at the same time. Another bonus is your child will learn English with correct british accent. :-) Thank you Jingle Bells team for amazing work you are doing every day. Veronika Cernohorska

Home away from home

posted by Barbora Leslie
13:01:35 14/12/2016

We love Jingle Bells! Our son Leo started a couple of months before his 3rd birthday, and I was apprehensive, scared. I knew from other reviews and mums I've met that it was a great school but sending your little one away for the first time is just a very scary process. But what a wonderful time he's having there! It took less than a month and Leo blossomed into a confident, chirpy, chatty, happy boy who loves going to school. He comes back home singing new songs, knowing new things, the benefits are massive. The teachers are absolutely fantastic, very genuine and fun, caring and loving. One that specially touched our heart is Roxy, who helped Leo during the transition period and who he loves dearly. It is so special and precious watching your child taking the first independent steps, but knowing that they are in a really loving hands of someone who cares just as much as you. I should also say that Leo was still in nappies starting the school and a VERY fussy eater. Jingle Bells crew helped with everything, within a month he was out of nappies and surprise-surprise, eating all his meals there! ( also helps that they are producing really lovely healthy lunches). Overall i am so HAPPY and very very grateful to the team at JIngle Bells Hradcanska for looking after my precious one in such a fantastic way. Thank you!

Great place to grow up!

posted by Milena Jebens Šanderová
11:11:39 13/12/2016

Jingle Bells mean a lot to us. Our son is is guided by loving, strong and intelligent tearchers into confident personalities. After two and a half years, we are ameazed by ability of the teaching staff to read the minds of these "little ones”. Jingle Bells breathes unleashed creativity, but there is also a system, and we are prositively surprised by calm atmosphere, and we have never seen any kids fight. If our son has had a conflict with a schoolmate, we are immediately informed about the situation, and we can address our son at home. We thank Angela and the Jingle Bells Team for the work of art they put into our little creatures, to create independent and strong, but humble individuals. Milena and Nils Jebens