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Our nursery is located in a beautiful area surrounded by lovely landscapes and historic landmarks. There are many playgrounds and gardens for the children to play in. We combine the best from alternative, classical and special pedagogical methods. We do so mainly through playing games and personal experience which are the most natural and effective ways of learning. We try to motivate your children but we do not try to change them. Every child is unique therefore we believe in an individual approach. We work with children in a way that they are well prepared for a successful start in Czech and International schools.

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Amazing place for children

posted by Daniela Velová
17:05:18 18/08/2016

The nursery Indigo Kids is exactly what we were looking for. It is a friendly place where our daughter develops with respect to her age and abilities. Since the beginning we have appreciated the sensitivity of the teacher´s approach. Our daughter acclimated very easily without any problems and in close cooperation with us, the parents, and that is not something that happens at every school. Thanks to the Czech-English environment at Indigo Kids, children not only learn English in a natural way but also learn about different languages and cultures. American teachers are with the children every day and it brings visible results. Our daughter has started to understand and actively use English words and phrases. Moreover, she has no problem watching fairy tales in English. Small groups of children make it possible for the teachers to support the children´s individuality, respect their differences, and attentively listen and work with them. A big plus in comparison with state schools and most of the private schools is the healthy and tasty food they serve. Bio quality lunches low in sugar, with fresh fruit and vegetables, and sugar free drinks are the base of their colorful meals. Its location at the top of Vyšehrad makes it a place with the cleanest air quality in the city, and with few cars around it is also one of the safest areas for a nursery. Our daughter is very happy there and always looks forward to going to the nursery, which for us as her parents is the most important thing.

Petra Gatek

posted by Petra.Gatek
23:11:38 28/06/2015

We are Czechs living in the UK. We returned to Prague for 6 months and were looking for a nursery which would combine British standards with Czech local customs. We have put our son - 3 years old - into Indigo Kids nursery. It proved to be an absolutely fantastic place - starting with the location, which is amazing right in the centre of Vysehrad park - no traffic, fresh air, wonderful garden. We found the approach of Indigo Kids just perfect - individual approach, combination of learning new and obtaining new skills with lots of fun and activities. The languages spoken there is Czech and English. If we were not returning back to the UK, we would have definitely stayed there. As a matter of fact, we are planning to hold our son’s 4th year party there.

Indigo Kids

posted by Jan.Kaspar
13:01:34 23/06/2015

When looking for an international kindergarten recently, we came by chance across Indigo Kids in Vysehrad. After working with them for a full year I can only recommend it. The school is small (7-8 kids currently), and has a big team of experienced teachers (most of them working part time so they are never tired or fed up with the job), plus an even larger team of external coworkers (some of them volunteers, e.g. university students doing their semester abroad in Prague). Indigo Kids has wonderful premises which are directly in the heart of the Vysehrad park with all of its outdoor facilities for kids. The kids do not stay in the school building or even on Vysehrad’s grounds all the time - they make frequent trips to visit theaters, the Botanical garden, the zoo, and more. The school offers weekly swimming lessons, ceramics, music, pet care (they have a dog and cat in residence), cooking, theater, you name it. But what I appreciate the most is that the teachers and the staff really care about the children and know how to help if your kid needs something special and does not fall exactly into the average.