Globe (Zeměkoule)

K Zeleným domkům 178, Praha 4, 14800

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  • Mobile phone+420 724339280


Globe Preschool - A warm, caring, family like atmosphere.

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The Globe Preschool...

A warm, caring, family like atmosphere. We offer a unique experience for young learners to embrace playtime, learning and language. With our natural approach, experienced staff and a great mum of our own in the kitchen (all food cooked and prepared onsite), we have the recipe for success.

Just a little bit more...

• The Globe is located in the calm and harmonious environment of a 1930s villa surrounded by a large garden next to the Kunratice forest.
• We are working according to our own bilingual curriculum of global education and learning.
• A native speaker participates in day-to-day teaching. Our goal is to combine the Czech and English curricula to support the variety of the mother tongue, as well as the harmonious development of both languages.
• We are currently achieving this using the unconventional methods of the global education and learning programme.
• Safe, peaceful and familiar atmosphere
• 7:1 Pupil to Teacher ratio
• We offer full day and part day, any day!!! We are flexible.

Opening hours / Visit us..!
Monday - Friday: 7.30 a.m.- 6.30 p.m.

We are happy to invite you to visit our preschool and sample a ½ day programme free of charge, at anytime, just call or email.

Tel.: +420 724 339 280

Don’t forget to visit our website (in Czech and English).

Thank You!

..and there‘s more!

...Birthday parties and (any) other celebrations!

We are lucky to have a beautiful site to call our preschool. We have lots of space, comfort and some amazing facilities (i.e toys).  We offer indoor and outdoor space... As well as entertainment and catering. For more information please take a look at our website: and click on PROJECTS AND PARTIES.

Thanks again!

Globe (Zeměkoule)

K Zeleným domkům 178, Praha 4, 14800

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