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We have prepared, opened and now we nurture Bambíno so that we, you and mainly ´our children´ would feel in our school fully pampered. We do believe that we have managed to create lovely, friendly and inspirational environment. All our nurses, teachers and native speakers enjoy working in such environment and their only concern is to look after their small client´s needs. We value the Bambíno´s accreditation by the Ministry of Education also because it enables us to keep our school fee as low as possible without making any compromise in our care or service. We would be delighted if you viewed Bambíno virtually or came to visit us in person :-)!

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Kindergarten for a good start in a life of your child

posted by Anonymous
19:07:34 28/09/2014

The reason why our Hugo has been attending Bambíno, is his granny. She was really interested in Hugo’s very first studies, so she wanted to be involved in searching. Suddenly she found a Bambino leaflet somewhere and brought it to show us. We were in three kindergartens in total; the first one didn’t meet the hygienic norms at all. It seemed that there was a hygienist waiting behind the corner prepared to close the kindergarten any moment. In the second one, Hugo stayed for one morning and never more! After I have found him alone in tears on a trampoline, because someone pushed him down a moment before, we have never returned. The third kindergarten was Bambino. It was so cultivated and the marble cake smelled well from the kitchen. We took Hugo to the art room and didn’t leave without signing the contract. Hugo has been in Bambino over three years now, and this is the longest from most children. Thanks to the cooperation with Bambino, Hugo has become a social and communicative boy. We think that he has a really good start for the future.

Amazing place for children

posted by Anonymous
14:02:37 10/09/2014

Bambíno has become a second home for both our children. There are plenty of similar facilities in Prague, therefore it is not necessary to emphasize a beautiful environment, wonderful approach of staff towards children, quality programme etc. Clear and understandable evaluation of Bambíno by our children is only one… usually they don’t want to go home and apart from some cases, they are happy to go “to work” in the morning. And our evaluation as parents, that both have very non-regular working hours? We can ALWAYS negotiate anything in Bambíno, nothing is a problem that couldn´t be solved and Bambíno´s flexibility and helpfulness (same as the patience with us, crazy parents) is still surprising to me in some moments. These are from the view of us – parents, often invaluable above-standard bonus, which make Bambíno so extraordinary. We made some stops in similar facilities on the way to Bambíno but I can tell that Bambíno is our last one. We have gone through the enrolment to Elementary schools with our daughter recently. We thought, until the last moment, that a postponement of the school attendance would be suitable for her, even after the consultations with all participated (kindergarten director, psychologist, speech therapist etc.). The greater was the surprise that our daughter prepared. In the elementary school which we belong to as for area we live in, which, I can say, is definitely not a bad school, they were looking at me with a great suspicion, when I told them about the idea. I can recollect one note of the schools’ deputy precisely and so will afford to quote her: “…by the way, I do not remember that we would had a child with such a good pen-holding and great motor skills at the enrolment lately…”. So we decided to go for an enrolment at our preferred school where the enrolment to the first grade is a kind of a real “entrance exams”. I took it as an opportunity to find out what it would be like next year. From 140 registered children they were enrolling only 50 and our daughter is among them. This is probably not a surprise looking at the fact that she has attended Bambíno´s highly erudite and excellently managed pre-pre-school and then pre-school “education”. I have to admit absolutely honestly, that Bambíno has a significant involvement on her preparedness and her success. Finally I have to tell that from the very start in Bambíno, my expectations and priorities from Bambíno towards children have been changing according to my children´s age, from the nursery to the kindergarten age, and now also the pre-school age. Bambíno and people in Bambíno understand it the same and the expectations have been fulfilled with an above-standard quality.

Kindergarten with multicultural environment

posted by Anonymous
10:10:00 26/08/2014

Probably every parent, that has already experienced this situation, knows how difficult is to handle your child from a home care to a nursery or kindergarten. You are asking yourself a lot of questions – whether you have chosen right, if it is really the best for your child. And no one is going to answer your questions better than your child. In case of our daughter Ellie, today we are sure that by chosing Bambino, we didn’t do a wrong step. We know it. Our Ella is simply happy in the kindergarten. And so was also our choice. For Ella Bambino is the place where she lives and by which she lives. She has lot of friends here – small and also those adult. She is learning new things every day, she is creating, discovering. She is attending clubs and developing her skills there. Since she was young she is learning basics of foreign languages, she has a unique opportunity to grow in a multicultural environment. But especially she is growing on a place where she feels good, safe and with people that are her second family.

English-Czech Kindergarten

posted by Anonymous
08:08:19 08/08/2014

I think it was a good decision to have chosen Bambino for my daughter. The teachers are very friendly and warm, so she has enjoyed a lot to be in Bambino. In the initial time of her schoold days, she had not understood at all both English and Czech. However, she nowadays is singing songs in English or Czech even in my home. Also she enjoys playing with friends in Bambino. This is amazing for me. Bambino has an event called 'school in nature' every half year which kids go on trip for 3 days away from their parents. As that was first time for my daughter to be away from me, I worried if she would be sad, but she wasn't at all. I'm so proud of her that she came back home growing up mentally every time after 'school in nature'. I and my daughther really enjoyed a lot in Bambino. Thank you.

The best choice for us

posted by Anonymous
09:09:27 14/07/2014

I have to say that all the employees here in Bambíno are excellent and very professional and always helpful. Keko is very happy and he likes to spend time in daycase. The most important for me is that he is happy and enjoys to spend time here because children can´t lie about what makes them happy. I am also very much satisfied about his progress in development and growth. He learns a lot through a very fun and interactiv way.