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We help you to invest, buy property, manage property, and set up a company in the Czech Republic.

Since 2003, Czech Point 101 has assisted individuals, companies and investor groups to invest in the Czech Republic property market. We have helped hundreds assess real estate opportunities, safely purchase property, manage lettings, register a local company (S.R.O.), comply with regulations, and establish Czech residency (for EU citizens).

Here are some specifics about what sets our company apart:

1. Property Management

We have the safest contract system in use in Czech Republic protecting the owner but also dealing fairly with the tenant. Our system is unique and, to our knowledge, no other property management company in Czech Republic uses anything similar.

Our fees are entirely revenue oriented thus if you don't get paid rent, we don't get our fee.

No fees while the flat is empty and no one-time fees for placing a tenant.

2. Legal Services

Our legal team all speak fluent English and have been successful in helping hundreds of our clients with purchases in Czech Republic. Due diligence on the ownership of the property is a vital factor in their success.

3. Real Estate Services

We offer a unique power of attorney resale service which will put your property in front of a full 50% more buyers than a regular real estate office!

Everything can be handled from start to finish without requiring a trip to Czech Republic.

4. Accounting

We are specialists in tax returns for foreigners with rental property in Czech Republic. Special rates are available to existing property management clients.

With offices in each of the major Czech cities of Prague, Brno and Ostrava we are well positioned to make a success of your investment.

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Be careful: very unprofessional, or scam

posted by Yun Xuan
00:12:48 03/01/2018

I chose their closing service for purchasing property in 2017.9, and that was a huge mistake. They didn't sign any contract or agreement with me, yet they issued me an invoice (number: Br17100578) and requested me to pay them 60,500 CZK upfront. After I paid their invoice, the seller went to another buyer because we didn't agree on the final price, and that happened before Czech Point 101 can prepare any document for me. However Czech Point 101 declared they already finished almost 1/3 of the purchasing process, and only agree to refund me 30,250 CZK. I disagreed and challenged their actual workload for me. They have no interest to explain to me, and terminated the conversation. Until now, they keep my 60,500 CZK in whole, and refund me nothing. By not signing contract, agreement or power of attorney with me, they actually have no right to represent me to finish the purchasing process. Until my purchasing process was terminated, they have not delivered any document prepared by them. They insisted that they have finished 30% of the process, yet they refused to prove their work in details. I believe they are at best a very unprofessional company, or at worse a scam.