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Formé clinic is a newly opened clinic in Prague, situated in an excellent location, right on the Wenceslas Square. We are the plastic surgery clinic, providing a wide range of plastic surgery treatments. The aim of our clinic is to be different to other private facilities, namely by a quality service and offering a wide scale of services to our clients. We put an emphasis on a perfect, accommodating and informed staff. We want our medical care to be a fully customizable experience to our customer, who can expect extraordinary services. Come to visit our specialists, Dr P.J. Vašek and Dr T. Beneš on a free consultation.

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Formé clinic review

posted by Karen Roe
13:01:49 14/06/2017

I had my daughter when i was at the young age of 20. After my second child when i was 25, i decided i wouldnt be having any more children and wanted my post-baby body back. I decided to have a tummy tuck on Formé clinic in Prague and although the surgery was very costly, still was cheaper than abdominoplasty in the UK and it was so worth it. My stomach is flat again and recovery was a breeze. the stretched skin is gone and i can see my waist again!

Forme clinic experience

posted by Natalia Upton
13:01:32 22/07/2016

I underwent mommy makeover and I don't regret it. My body completely changed (I have 3 children). I needed plastic surgery because I want to feel better, to be more attractive for my husband. I got a recommendation to visit Forme clinic in Prague, where I could get combined surgery. I'm 100% satisfied. Clinic was really nice and staff was helpfull. Many thanks to Forme team!

Forme clinic review

posted by Linda Clark
23:11:48 19/06/2016

This is really nice clinic in the center of Prague. I underwent tummy tuck there. It was an amazing experience and I don't regret it one bit. I could recommend this clinic to everyone.