Fyzio Aktiv

Milešovská 6, Praha 3, 13000

  • Landline+420 222712534
  • Mobile phone+420 774939169


We offer practical solutions for painful conditions without medication and pain prevention with special focus on back or neck pain, muscles or joint pain, chronic headache, new or persistent sport injuries, flat foot, problems related to poor posture etc. Our goal is to remove the cause of the problem for ever. This is possible thanks to the latest methods and approaches in physiotherapy we use. We actively work with a body and its movement in its natural 3D system.

We help adults as well as children.

Why choose FYZIO Aktiv?

We are a modern physiotherapy center conveniently located just few minutes from the city center

We provide professional care by experienced and qualified English speaking physiotherapists

We believe in a holistic approach focused on your welbeing

We provide direct billing to CIGNA health insurance company

FYZIO Aktiv - Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Prevention and Medical Relaxation

Fyzio Aktiv

Milešovská 6, Praha 3, 13000

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Very helpful & beneficial

Reviewed by Expats.cz user 02.12.2012
Just after one consultation I found long term benefits. The physiotherapist was very thorough in establishing my problem and my medical history and current state of health. Then observing my posture and movements took me through several corrective exercises and postures for me to do regularly. These are proving very beneficial and, when my work schedule will permit, I shall be arranging further visits.