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My name is Tereza Kralova (previously Kramulova). I graduated from the Competency Based Mastery Level program in Registered Massage Therapy in British Columbia, Canada. This was 20 months intensive program consisting of 2388 hours of training. Before I enrolled to the college I got experience with massaging from New Zealand and Prague SPAs.

At this time I am offering therapeutic massage in Prague 1. As a Clinical Massage Therapist I can help find the potential cause of your problems and work with you to resolve them. I treat every client individually and base my treatments on a variety of techniques and styles to help you achieve maximal therapeutic effect. These techniques are for example myofascial and fascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, Swedish massage, muscle energy techniques etc.

Overall, therapeutic massage relieves pain from muscles, joints and connective tissue. It contributes to good health and mobility. Indications for therapeutic massage are musculoskeletal injuries, tension headaches, postural dysfunctions, overuse injuries or other issues. In my practice each massage session consists of assessment, treatment and reassessment with homecare recommendations. Although my treatments are therapeutic the massage is not painful. I appreciate the body and do not force the pressure anytime. My massage could also be a deep relaxing treatment for whole body and soul. For more information about me and effects of therapeutic massages visit

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Best massage

posted by Taryn Wyatt
08:08:16 03/12/2017

I had a massage with Tereza recently and she is unbelievable. She knows exactly what she is doing, is professional and her massage really works. I highly recommend her. I will definitely be a ongoing client with her after 1 session.

Great therapist

posted by Karina Bolan
13:01:23 28/07/2016

I am so happy to have found Tereza! She is one of the most professional therapists I have ever met, extremely through, careful, with a holistic approach to treating the body. She takes her time to get to know you, you never feel rushed or "just another body". Meticulous and dedicated, Tereza is very focussed on helping and treating the client in a highly personalised way. As a yoga teacher myself, I am very happy to recommend her to my students.

Exceptional Therapist

posted by Kathleen Ramsey
22:10:58 11/02/2016

I have personally experienced many massages throughout Europe (over the years), but nothing compares to the standard and quality I received today. When I was first introduced to Terezka, the first thing I noticed was her friendly, caring, empathetic ....and grounded nature. I soon discovered how these qualities would translate through her work. During the massage, she checked in with me periodically about the pressure, and instinctively seemed to know where all my sore spots were. I felt amazing afterwards because I really felt she addressed all my concerns, and even gave me a home-care program which included, some stretches and strengthening exercises. She (also) explained that this would help relieve the pain from my tight muscles in the long run. In my opinion - Terezka is a truely exceptional and gifted therapist. She possesses the skills, knowledge, and understanding of anatomy and physiology, which i believe sets her apart from many others in her field, and I would highly recommend her.

Professional help

posted by Daniela Simek
13:01:35 05/02/2016

I suffered from back pain – I felt sharp pain under my shoulder blade and cramping in muscles along the spine. I was not able to concentrate at work. First, I visited a doctor who considered the pain as a symptom of my thoracic kyphosis. She gave me couple sessions of shock wave and some exercise. Although I exercised regularly I could not function without pain killers. Later I got a contact for massage therapist Tereza. I was kindly surprised by her thorough assessment. She was palpating over my back and also along the breastbone. She explained that I have partially dislocated three ribs causing the muscle spasm. During the massage she used very gentle manipulations to restore the position of my ribs. Instantly there were no cramps any more. During few more sessions Tereza worked on my back and released the tightness in the compensating structures. Now I am seeing her for regular maintenance of my back. Over all I can only recommend her service.

Very professional and helpful

posted by Elías Díaz
19:07:14 15/12/2015

Tereza is an incredible massage therapist. I had to attend her clinic a couple of times because I got some issues in my legs and she did improve the problem. Honestly, I was very impressed by that cause I didn't have much experiece with massages but the ones with Tereza are focused on the problems solving and not only in pouring oil and get relaxed. Lastly, she is a very nice and kind person. I highly recommend it!