Andy Graham - osteopathy, sports massage and personal training in Prague and Jesenik.

Prague all areas, Jesenik, 79001

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Thank you for your interest in what I do.

I currently work in two areas:

Prague - home visits (I come to you). By appointment only. 1500 CZK per 55 min. session.

Jesenik - Regeneracni Centrum Harmonie, Hotel Koruna, Revolucni 141/2. Tuesdays 10 - 18.00. 800 CZK per 55 min. session.

Osteopathy - is similar to physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage. A drug free, non-surgical approach to health, primarily focusing on musculo-skeletal issues.

Sports/ deep tissue massage - massage makes most people feel good and can be a useful tool in helping deal with pain.

Personal training - my aim is to marry methods, movements and principles which have stood the test of time with a modern, researched approach. There is a time and a place for most exercises, even (occasionally) core stability and balancing exercises...

Andy Graham
733 192 039

UK qualified & registered.

Andy Graham - osteopathy, sports massage and personal training in Prague and Jesenik.

Prague all areas, Jesenik, 79001

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Great British-trained osteopath

Reviewed by user 01.12.2014
Andy has been treating me for a number of years for on-going chronic back problems, especially through and following both my pregnancies. He is thoroughly professional and always very happy to talk through various treatment options, including giving me exercises to do between sessions. He has a very common-sense approach and looks at issues such as lifestyle aswell as just the actual problem area. I have also taken advantage of the childcare... read more

excellent care

Reviewed by user 10.11.2014
Andy was recommended to me after I had been struggling for months with back pain and sciatica and not seeing much improvement after physio and acupuncture. After one session with Andy, I felt immediately much better and after 2 or 3 the pain was completely gone. Now, I just visit for maintenance checks. The great thing about Andy is that he LISTENS and COMMUNICATES, sadly an all too rare thing these days in healthcare imo.

Very Professional

Reviewed by Prousey 09.10.2014
I’ve known Andy for many years and have seen him on and off when my body is in need of an oil change! Also, being a Pilates instructor I’m happy to refer my clients to him and we often work hand in hand whilst treating mutual clients. Andy is always very careful in his approach, mindful of the fact that these clients may have never experienced the services provided by an Osteopath and explains carefully what he will be doing for them.... read more

Excellent Treatments

Reviewed by user 30.09.2014
As a professional ballet dancer in the National Theater, I really appreciate having a treatment on a regular basis for improved physical condition and prevention; working with Andy has allowed me to increase efficiency in my career and fortunately I've never been injured since. I recommend him for all ballet dancers and sportsmen and women.

Global health approach

Reviewed by user 23.09.2014
As a keen sportsman, my physical health and fitness is very important to my lifestyle. Andy as a very well-rounded approach to physical health he seems to have refined not only the Osteopathic approach but also other related complimentary philosophies that provide what I feel are a more complete approach to ones physical health. After completely assessing my body, Andy provided me with a tailored case plan as opposed to one-size-fits-all... read more

Very good Osteo

Reviewed by user 23.03.2012
I went to see Andy for some back and neck problems. Some were relatively recent (6 months) and some have been more long term (a couple of years.) Andy really tried to understand the problems and helped me understand what I can do about them, especially regarding posture and how to make sure that I don't stress my body (working with computers most of the day.) The results speak for themselves; my daily neck pain/feeling is gone and my... read more

Andy Graham

Reviewed by user 21.07.2010
Both my husband and I have been visiting Andy for several months now and can thoroughly recommend him. He has really helped ease the pain my husband gets from his slipped disc and my occasional neck pain. Andy has an amazingly thorough understanding of the human body. Each consultation is very personalised, with lots of communication and "take home" tips. He is also a very caring and professional practitioner. Although my neck pain has... read more