Chambre Noire Photography

Polská 1565/3, Praha 2, 12000

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Welcome to Chambre Noire Photography!

We are Andrea (Photographer) and Michaela (Retoucher), based in Prague (Czech Republic).

We love arts in any way, especially when it comes to craft images that are best described as colourful, painterly, dramatic, creative and timeless.

Photography and retouching, is with no doubts, our main passions and by using technical skills and lighting setups we craft fantastic images that are eye-catching pieces, that pushes a clients needs beyond their expectations.

Devotion to photography allowed us to focus on aesthetically driven visual storytelling. We are always excited when new projects allow us to create images that stand-out.

Our well equipped home studio is able to provide from portraits to fashion and glamour, both indoors and outdoors.

Chambre Noire Photography

Polská 1565/3, Praha 2, 12000

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Unique, magical work

Reviewed by Yehonala Weatherwax 13.03.2021
Very professional, very attentive -and the results are like magic -there's an atmosphere to Andrea's work that's unique and textured. Can't wait to work with them again <3


Reviewed by Casey Hallahan 04.03.2021
I contacted Chambre Noire for headshots for my website as a freelance director and teacher. Andrea and Michaela were incredibly professional, friendly, and delightful. The final headshots we went with were outstanding as well! I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to get new headshot portraits.


Reviewed by Jana Provazkova 03.03.2021
I took photos with Andrea and Michaela and their attitude was really great - very professional and kind. During the whole time I felt comfortable and relaxed which created a good mood for the photos. Both of them had many helpful ideas during the photoshoot... I like the results very much. I must say my favourite photos so far. I recommend.

Corporate portrait

Reviewed by Christian Martinez 21.02.2021
A friend reccomended me Chambre Noire. I was looking for a professional picture for my LinkedIn profile and resume to stand up from the crowd. Andrea and Michaela did a great job, exactly what I wanted. Photos completely got my money's worth.


Reviewed by Lea Slančíková 13.02.2021
Fotenie s Andrea a Michaelou bolo skvele ,veľmi prijemná atmosféra ,profesionálny a pri tom priateľsky prístup. Je skvelé že na fotení sa dá využiť aj rôzne rekvizity ako napr ventilátor alebo dymový stroj ,farebné sklá, ktoré dodávajú fotografii ešte špecifickejšiu a zaujímavejšiu výraz fotografie. Určite odporúčam u mňa 10/10

Beauty Photoshooting

Reviewed by Adriana Martiskova 11.02.2021
The collaboration with Andrea & Michaela was perfect! I really apreciate the professionalism, huge sense of creativity and passion for what they do. Not just the whole process of creating but also the final result was just outstanding! I consider them as two talented artists and recommend them to all the people who search for unique pictures!😌

Photo shooting experience with day of death

Reviewed by Tato ERios 09.02.2021
One of the best experience so far ! The shooting is not only the best , the edition is wonderful. Andrea is so talented and his team behind the edition is the “happy ending” . He comes with new proposals for edition, playing with colors and together with unconventional environments is a full experience. We hired him for a special photo shoot in the Mexican Embassy in Czech Republic, his work was simply amazing. I strongly recommend this... read more