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I have a few lines for you:

"I have to change something. This isn´t quite it. What is my life about? I'm tired. I don't know where to go. What is the point? What is it for? Why don't I do something else? What can I Actually do? How to start over? Where to start? How do I find out what I want to do? How do I find out what my purpose in life is? what options do i have? WHAT SHOULD I do first?"

Do these thoughts sound familiar to you?

We all have them. But they can feel pretty nasty living them, right?

Sometimes they occur when we face new challenges:
- changing the job we had for many years (career change!)
- moving to a different place (that feels like a different planet)
- graduating from the university
- having a child
- having some troubles with health
- going through complicated relationship issues
- facing the famous midlife crisis
- feeling stuck
..etc. you name it.

We rarely take the right amount of moments to find out what is REALLY going on. And therefore these thoughts can be haunting us for years.

Or You can meet me and we can face them together!

I offer following things:
- you will smile with me
- you will believe that you will feel better
- you will feel better just after one session
- you will not be afraid to face whatever situation you are in
- you will find more structure in it
- you will know what to leave behind and what to focus on
- you will have more energy and enthusiasm to work on what you choose
- you will have results
- and much more! Trust me, try me.

More about my backround on www.helenatheunissen.cz - check my personal journey there: from entrepreneur to lawyer to coach, and more.

Appointments via
+420 604 301 541

We need to get to know each other first, so I have 30 min intro sessions for free.
My sessions take as much time as you, my client, needs, usually 1,5 hours. My rate is 2 500 CZK/per hour.

After each session you will receive my speciality: personalized resume with the session´s summary AND tasks (of course - I do coaching!)

Looking forward to meeting you, let me give you some of the enthusiasm I have for you.

Helena Theunissen

Oh, BTW, I do individual sessions mainly, but if you need me to give a workshop or a seminar, I do that too.

Helena Theunissen Life, Career and Change Coach

Pod vyhlídkou 508/12, Praha 6, 16200

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