Confront and Reframe Coaching

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Confront and Reframe in 5 days for Expats coaching program

Being in a different culture and environment gives you a great chance to look at yourself and your life from a distance and ask yourself some important questions.

Do I have/live in a fulfilled relationship?

What do I focus on? Who/What am I surrounded by?

Have I achieved all my goals?

Do I look after my mental and physical health?

What do I really believe in..?

What do I actually want to do with my life?

Use your stay in Prague as a unique opportunity to answer these questions and explore much more about yourself.
Confront and Reframe with me in 5 days.

I will look forward to seeing you blossom and become the real you!

Pavlina Hanzikova

Founder of Confront and Reframe Coaching
Master Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner,Business Success Coach

Confront and Reframe Coaching

-- --, Praha, 11000

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