Adroit Life Coach in Praha

Na Poříčí 12, Praha 1, 11000

  • Mobile phone+420 777914482


Relationship Coaching Topics

- Romantic relationships
- Dating
- Communication
- Image & attractiveness

Personal Development Topics

- Self-confidence
- Identity
- Motivation vs procrastination
- Healthy lifestyle
- Unfulfilled dreams & desires

Do you know what you want in life or are you still searching for it? Coaching is focused on creating a better future – particularly through goals, plans and materializing your ideas and dreams.

As coach and client we want to achieve something meaningful in your life, we want a change & we want to work effectively – so that you can soon reap the fruits of your efforts.

In my own words I would say that a successfully “coached” client is the one who knows what he/she wants and how to achieve it. He/she perceives this process as actually fun and enjoyable, even though sometimes it is a lot of work.

Adroit Life Coach in Praha

Na Poříčí 12, Praha 1, 11000

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