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Veleslavínská 1, Praha 6, 16200

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The paediatric outpatient clinic at Canadian Medical is a unique medical workplace that provides complex medical care of a high standard. We place emphasis primarily on professionalism, modern therapeutic procedures, a sensitive approach to child patients, respect for the individual requirements of children and parents and also premium services. In addition to our team of respected paediatricians and top quality medicines, we also offer a range of premium services such as minimal waiting times, ordering of appointments, continuous medical telephone service or home visits by a paediatrician.

Our paediatric team comprises a group of highly experienced and respected experts, who co-operate and share the latest knowledge in modern medicine. All of our experts are recognised specialists within a specific area of paediatrics. We have specialists in respiratory disorders, haemato-oncology or vaccination and travel medicine. The majority of paediatricians also have extensive experience from abroad. All of this makes our paediatrics department an entirely unique outpatient centre, which thanks to excellent internal co-operation is capable of treating even highly specific and demanding health complaints.

We offer:
- Paediatrics are in Prague 6, Prague 5 and Prague 4
- Paediatric emergency service in and around Prague
- A sensitive approach of paediatricians and sufficient time for patients
- A friendly environment
- A wide range of services, premium medical equipment
- An individual approach to vaccination
- Care of children's locomotor system – podology, orthopaedics, physiotherapy
- Complex care of several specialists, co-operation with professional workplaces
- Lactation consultancy
- Mental health care, treatment of obesity

CM's above standard services include:

24-hour on-call service (including home, hotel and office visits).
Emergency service outside of opening hours:
GP and and paediatrician
+420 724 300 301
Dental emergency on agreement
+420 724 300 312
Ambulance transport
Direct billing of many international insurance companies
Payment by major credit cards
Membership programs and benefits
Network of specialists referrals

Our other branch:

Canadian Medical - V Parku
Prague 4, V Parku 2308/8, 140 00
Nearest metro station: Chodov

Canadian Medical - Hadovka
Prague 6 - HadovkaEvropská 10/64, Prague 6, 16000

Canadian Medical - Waltrovka
Prague 5 - Jinonice, Walterovo náměstí 329/2, 158 00

Pharmacy Canadian Medical
Prague 4, V Parku 2308/8, 140 00

Do you want to use our paediatric services at Canadian Medical - To order please contact our call centre on tel. no. +420 235 360 133.

Canadian Medical | Prague 6 - Veleslavín

Veleslavínská 1, Praha 6, 16200

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