Optima Labs

Dykova 1158/17, Praha 2, 10100

  • Phone+420 777237187


We are committed to deliver a selection of the highest quality nutritional supplements and a weight loss solution that customers demand from respected companies at the best value.

The humanist Ashley Montagu said that the object is to “die young as late as possible”. In our view, this is what it’s about - the decision to retain optimal health as we age, as long as possible. Health issues become more important as we age and we begin to recognize that the greatest wealth is health. Although this compelling truth usually becomes self-evident only later in life, maintaining and supporting good health should be a lifelong process.

Each of us is ultimately responsible for our own health. Think about and care for your health. Your satisfaction and better health is our goal.

Optima Labs

Dykova 1158/17, Praha 2, 10100

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