Mihaela Stan

U michelského mlýna 1569/3, Praha 4, 14000

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I am a Health Coach and Nutritionist living in Prague and I am specialized in eating challenges like: emotional overeating, endless diets, binge eating, food addiction, overweight and body image problems.

I have been working in managerial positions in the corporate world for more than 20 years and my coaching strategies are primarily created for busy people who need to be healthy, vital and regain their right weight but lack time, strong will, motivation, discipline in the field of selfcare.

I do not believe in the effectiveness of diets based on limitations. I also know that just a strong will is not always helpful.
Therefore, in my coaching, I focus on creating strategies tailored for you, so they can be harmoniously integrated into your current life.
I will guide you through your way from „I want to do it“ to „I did it“. Investment in your health is the best gift you can give to yourself with results for a lifetime.

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Food & Mood Tracker Worksheet

Mihaela Stan

U michelského mlýna 1569/3, Praha 4, 14000

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