APERIO - Healthy Parenting Organization

Plzeňská 66, Praha 5, 15124


APERIO is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation focused on the position and needs of parents in the society.
Our mission statement
The mission of APERIO is to support informed choice, personal responsibility and active approach to parenting. Our main goal is to improve maternity and parenting services and to support equal treatment of men and women both in family and in the labour market.
We serve to expectant parents and parents, including single parents, socially and physically handicapped parents. Our clients include employers as well.
Counselling services
• Free online legal and social counselling
• Online guide of maternity hospitals
• Providing counselling in the areas of childbirth and parenting education, raising children, marital relationships, work and family.

Training services
• Trainings, seminars and plenary discussions for public
• Trainings for professionals

Services for employers
• Gender audits and equality plans
• Trainings and workshops for top-level managers and HR specialists focused on equal opportunities
• Counselling aimed at implementation of changes in the area of equal opportunities

• “Don’t struggle with authorities and employers” – a brochure for parents, covering the current legislature related to parenting

APERIO - Healthy Parenting Organization

Plzeňská 66, Praha 5, 15124

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