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Dominion Nails English Speaking Professional Nail Care Salon Services in Prague. Number One Nail Salon in Prague.
We offer only high quality nail care products. Customer satisfaction is number one priority for us. We love our customers.
Our Main mission is to provide expert and carefully services that cater to the specific personal as well as professional needs of our clients. We offer a wide range of Nail Services in a friendly and intimate environment. When clients are entering our salon, they are warmly greeted by our consistent, well-trained, and friendly staff.
We use only high quality materials from well-known brands such are: LCN, MANUFAKTURA, CND and GEHWOL. We provide our services with all-natural cuticle oil, lotions and scrubs. To preserve a toxic-free environment, we do not offer acrylic nails. Every polish we carry avoids the «Big 5» (no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP or camphor)

Any well-groomed girl knows that keeping up with your weekly MANICURE is a must, but if you're looking to take the traditional MANICURE to the next level, then we've got some great options for you. Women have long been looking after their nails, but only recently has interest in it reached a whole new level. No longer are nails just painted to match your outfit - they have become fashion statements in their own right. Nowadays, nails say as much about a person as their clothes do. We specialize in (a soak-off, long-lasting Gel Polish, Spa MANICURE, Gel Nails and Extension Nails) which you can have in a design of your choice, complete with glitter, crystals and stickers. The variety of colors is phenomenal, and the polish should remain intact for up to four weeks. If you wish to have a Spa MANICURE with fabulous French MANICURE in Prague - we can do it as well with a long lasting Nail Polish from LCN.
Our CND Shellac MANICURE in Prague are performed by master nail technicians. Not only you will leave with fabulous nails; they are guaranteed not to chip and remain flawless for full 14 days! Check out our list of the best MANICURE in Prague, Shellac Manicure, Nail Art, Spa Manicure and Gel Nails. We adore what we do; therefore we do the best MANICURE in Prague!

Today, we see very few cracked heels, chipped polish, jagged edges on toe nails, fungus's, or white powdery skin due to very dry skin conditions. The PEDICURE is more like a treatment than a treat, when done properly. Whether it is just a toe nail clipping and file which many elderly people require, or a Full Luxurious PEDICURE in Prague, our professional Team do their best to meet our client's needs in a relaxed ambiance. With all our services, we are proud to announce that we use the best product in our profession, which is GEHWOL, for herbal foot baths, soothing lotions, balms and more. This product line has been known all over the world for over 125 years. We are also proud to carry LCN which is free of formaldehyde.

The perfect way to de-stress! Soak your feet in a warm aromatherapy whirlpool and relax in Spa PEDICURE in Prague while our nail experts pamper your feet. Dominion Nails is the perfect place to enjoy a Luxurious PEDICURE in a relaxing atmosphere. We are always up-to-date with the latest technology and trends in the nail industry. We have the newest PEDICURE cosmetics! Feel secure knowing that your salon is free from bacteria and has the highest sanitation standards. We’re also featuring Shellac and Gel semi-permanent PEDICURE. All services are provided by highly trained, attentive nail professionals.

If you've been considering getting NAILS EXTENSION this year, then you will want to know the dos and don'ts, and all the facts to ensure you get what is best for you, and your nail health! Here, we want to tell you all about the latest trend when it comes to NAILS EXTENSION, what the celebs are wearing, and how you can make the right decision when it comes to getting those glamorous nails you've always dreamed of!
Many professionals who use LCN believe that they use the upper high cosmetic ever. They're regarded so highly because there are no harsh chemicals or unpleasant smell. They also can only be applied by experienced technicians, so you're sure on getting the best and safe and perfect finish nails on the end!

LCN Gel nails are very durable, and will last through your day-to-day activities. The best thing about LCN is that if you want to keep your natural nails, well, natural! So that removed, you're nails aren't paper thin.

What makes LCN Gel Nails so unique?

Light Units meeting the highest EC standards; TÜV, CE and CSA
Highest health & safety standards, proven and certified by independent institutes
Innovative gels, originating directly from the dental technology
No use of aggressive primers or activators
LCN gels contain no acid. We do not use any aggressive products that put either nail technician or client at risk.
LCN gels are extremely flexible. They feel light on the nail, and also it can bend with the natural nail.
LCN gels can be used to help contain and treat a nail infection because moisture or air cannot penetrate. They are ideal for hairdressers because they are unaffected by chemical. If you wear polish, it will not stain your nails. Simply remove your polish to reveal your original, untainted LCN nails..

Dominion Nails

Belgicka 20, Praha 2, 12000

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Reviewed by Nadezhda Plyutenko 22.02.2016
Naprosto skvělý a nádherný salon. Jsem její klientkou již půl roku a nikdy jsem nebyla zklamaná. Fakt doporučují! Podle mě je to nejlepší nehtové studio v Praze!

I absolutely love this salon!

Reviewed by Melissa Satta 15.02.2016
Love this salon. I discovered them through and Yelp. Super friendly staff. Very clean job, reasonably priced, and professional. My gel manicure is perfect and my nails are super healthy since I started coming to this salon. I highly recommend them.

really impressive! very professional and friendly

Reviewed by Mark Goldberg 17.09.2015
I decided to make a present to my wife so we've visited this studio together last week. I must say that the service they have is very professional. We really enjoyed the time we've spent there. I recommend this place to everyone who cares about the time and quality. Thank you Dominion!

Have been going to this nail salon since January!!!

Reviewed by Amira.C 11.08.2015
Have been going to this nail salon since January - all The ladies are super friendly and nice to you. They take their time and do a great job to your specifications. I always see Olesya and she is a total perfectionist - which means my shellac mani lasts for weeks and looks perfect! They are ALWAYS very friendly and leave you smiling when you leave.

Very disappointed

Reviewed by Olivia.Haas 07.07.2015
I wanted to get my nails done quickly after work and before my trip so I decided to book their quick manicure that only includes nail shaping and painting. I was excited to be able to get my nails painted quickly before my trip and I booked an appointment for 5pm. When I got there I was told that there was a mix up and asked if I would be ok waiting for 5-10 minutes. I said yes assuming that it would actually only be 5-10 minutes. It ended up... read more

Great experience!

Reviewed by Amy.Tarana 23.06.2015
I usually do not have manicure at a salon. But I had it for the first time well here in Prague after I read the review here. I am satisfied with all service, including qualities of manicure and pedicure, customer service, and cleanness of place. One thing I had to say is they told me it took only 1 hour to get both manicure and pedicure done. In fact, it took 2 hours and half. Then I was late for an appointment after that. So please... read more

Perfect false nails!

Reviewed by Fenella 04.03.2015
I was pleasantly surprised to find that its possible to have false nails that are not thick and bulbous but look and feel so natural - thanks to the quality materials and care and craftsmanship of the manicurist here.

The best nail salon in Prague

Reviewed by Judit Zsarnai 24.01.2015
The place is stylish and friendly, the staff is just the same :-) Professional service in a nice atmosphere for reasonable prices. I always had problems with my nails and could never let them grow even a bit without starting to break off... I regularly have the CND Shellac polish and the problem is solved now, thanks to Dominion Nails!

Jednoznačně doporučuji!

Reviewed by KAROLÍNA.KURKOVÁ 08.01.2015
Čisté a příjemné prostředí, milá a profesionální paní manikérka. Nehty krásné, ale hlavně poprvé skutečně drží a nejsou za týden pryč. Naprostá spokojenost!

excellent manicure

Reviewed by Svetlana Sereda 09.12.2014 (bronze reviewer) Bronze
Highly recommended service! I did Shellac manicure three weeks ago, and my nails still look solid - although, of course, I need to take the polish off now to renew it for the full nails length. The atmosphere of the salon is cool, relaxing with a touch of chic in a good way. It's also very convenient to make an appointment online.

Yes! I finally found my nail salon!

Reviewed by user 02.12.2014
At first, I wanted something convenient to my work and apartment. I came to Dominion Nails after going through several Expats reviews. All the other salons I came across had good prices, but were very sub par. Dominion is amazing. They have the gel manicure for a great price with a large variety of colors to choose from. Ladies, if you have not done a gel manicure before -- I would highly recommend it! Pedicures are good too. I would... read more

Good service, good work, awesome atmosphere!!

Reviewed by user 14.07.2014
I've been in your salon last Friday and want to thank you all girls for wonderful mani and pedi you did for me! Special thanks to Irina the best business-girl I ever met, your salon is great! Also thanks to Alena, you did really good job on my nails! I definitely want to meet you ladies again when I'm back in Prague in August! :)

Absolut empfehlenswert!

Reviewed by user 23.04.2014
Exzellente pediküre + maniküre: Sehr sorgfältig und gründlich! Kein Vergleich zu anderen Studios

Danke!! :)

Reviewed by user 20.02.2014
It was my first visit to this salon. I like very much the work they did for me. I had manicure. It was not cheap price but I was very satisfied with the quality. I will definitely visit you again Irina as soon as I am back from Munchen! :). See you soon! Susanne.


Reviewed by user 17.02.2014
I love this place so so so much! The lovely lady there is wonderful at nails. I will FOREVER come here and get all my nails done!! And they will serve coffee or champagne :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent customer services. Highly recommended to all my friends, my relatives and to everyone!