MP Music and Singing Academy Prague

Jemnická 313/15, Praha 4, 14000

  • Mobile phone+420 773594908


Now closed - opens at 12:00

Opening hours

Monday 12:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 12:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 12:00 - 20:00
Thursday 12:00 - 20:00
Friday 12:00 - 20:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
MP Music and Singing Academy Prague, is available at the moment for singing individual classes for the most various music type and individuals.
Age is not a problem. The important thing, is that students come with a commitment and relying in our teacher´s work.
I can guarantee is fun, but most important we work hard.

The aim, is to make students grow and believe that its possible.
In the future, we will be extended our singing lessons to a more diverse music classes. We will have piano classes, guitar classes, and so on.

We have a variety of cultural students, coming from all over the world.
Looking forward to meet you!

MP Music and Singing Academy Prague

Jemnická 313/15, Praha 4, 14000

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I recommend her as an amazing vocal teacher!!

Reviewed by Raquel Pereira 06.05.2020
When you trust in someone’s work, you know that with her you will achieve great goals. With her hard work, dedication and effort, Carolina give us the right motivation to achieve all our goals and daily challenges for you to do much more and better.
Response from owner: Thank you very much. Happy to be part of your hard work and motivation :)

200% Fun and Recommended

Reviewed by James Roof 04.05.2020
Starting vocal lessons with Carolina has been the best decision I've made. Before Carolina, I had been going to a singing school for 18 months and I felt that the progress was really slow and it was not helping me build confidence with my voice. So I decided to try Carolina and oh boy! what a refreshing first trial lesson it was. Straight away Carolina puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable and she takes a very concise and well... read more
Response from owner: Thank you very much. Happy to be your teacher :)

10/10 would recommend as a vocal coach

Reviewed by Rafaila Marouf 30.04.2020
"I have always been in love with music and singing.But for several reasons I was never encouraged to pursue what I consider my true passion.I joined the MP academy after I hesitantly decided to improve this skill and give an old dream a go. Singing is my means of self expression, so I might as well learn to do it correctly. I’ve definitely noticed a massive improvement in my vocal abilities in less than a year that I have been practicing with... read more
Response from owner: Thank you very much. Happy t be part of your true passion. :)

I recommend her as a teacher, as well as, a friend you will never forget

Reviewed by Dianne Silva 27.04.2020
Carolina, always have been an inspiration to me. Her hard work and motivation, ideas and support has always been part of my vocal strength and growth. Her 24 hours lesson plan, I mean prior the lesson, is useful. Meaning, that we (students) have time enough to prepare for what she will teach us the next day. I like her passion towards her students, as well as, everything she taught us due to her, so far, experience. I recommend her as a... read more
Response from owner: Wow. Thank you very much. Looking forward to see you soon. Take care

Great vocal coach!

Reviewed by Michelangelo Petrillo 27.04.2020
I came to Carolina with an uneasy task: improve my singing performance in the theatre. The song is quite demanding: lyrics, pace, dance and expression putting all together we have quite a challenge! I needed Carolina to help me with my diaphragm so I can perform better. I was not sure if she could fix it but she did! I was amazed by the progress we have done just after few sessions. I feel more confident and relaxed about the song. I really... read more
Response from owner: Thank you very much dear. Appreciate every single world. Can wait to see you again soon. Take care :)

Truly recommended!

Reviewed by Cristiana Vaz 24.04.2020
As a former Carolina's student, I just can highly recommend Mp Music Academy. The lessons with Carolina were very valuable for me, for my personal and professional life. Confidence, voice projection, singing techniques, singing in front of an audience, and a lot more! Carolina’s recipe is very simple and efficient: -Technical orientations very constructive -Exigence in the right amount -And such a good portion of dynamism, joy and... read more
Response from owner: Thank you very much :)