La Sartoria

Haštalská 791/9, Praha 1, 11000

  • Phone+420 606788878
  • Mobile phone+420 602796083


LaSartoria is a unique shop with the best Italian men´s fashion. The boutique is distinguished by informality and a friendly atmosphere and an excellent client service.

This shop - so different one from another fashion shops in Prague - can be found in the city centre.

La Sartoria TAILORING offers a selection of made-to-measure suits, jackets, coats and shirts with an unique and elegant tailored look.
The design, the fabrics and the craftsmanship originate 100% from Italy. The passion for design and the tradition of "sartoriale" enable us to supply men with first class individual suits.

La Sartoria also offers a full care and service to our customers including small or complex alterations, dry-cleaning and fashion consultation.

The customer who likes to get all in one nice place might be happy there. A cup of great coffee or/and a glass of Prosseco will mix shopping with a pleasure.

La Sartoria

Haštalská 791/9, Praha 1, 11000

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Best tailors in town

Reviewed by Oliver Wrzesinski 23.02.2022
Super professional, detailed and reliable. Have been there many times. They are clearly the best in Prague!