Chinese Massage & Therapy Center in Prague

Těšnov 1059/1, Praha 1, 11000

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China Liangtse Wellness is chinese massage and therapy center based on chinese medicine.

Chinese massage is based on traditional Chinese medicine and 13 basic tuina techniques, focusing on body’s acu-points and reflex zones to release the blockages in the meridians, and bring balance to yin-yang and chi in the body. It increases blood circulation, reduces fatigue, regulates organs, and can improve isues like headache, spine issues, stomache ache, and many more.

China Liangtse Wellness is an international brand that belongs to the China Liangtse Group and it is the first and the largest natural therapy research institute in China recognized by China’s National Ministry of Health. China Liangtse Group was established 1997 in Jinan Quancheng. Our mission is “BE HEALTHY with Liangtse”.

Now we can find China Liangtse Wellness brand not only in China, but also in many other countries of the world, including Germany, UK, Finland, Holland, Canada and the Czech Republic. We have over 300 chain salons, and over 10,000 employees globally.

Chinese Massage & Therapy Center in Prague

Těšnov 1059/1, Praha 1, 11000

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Excellent service and five star environement!

Reviewed by Zhengyuan Li 15.07.2018
I was amazed of the beautiful design of the rooms and the whole environment! Really great service and very professional therapists. Highly recommend!