Zhen Wu Praha - Kung Fu & Taiji

Zubatého 11, Praha 5, 15000

  • Phone+420 722753907


Learn true traditional Chinese kung fu and taiji at Zhen Wu Praha! 

- Daily classes in Tongbei kung fu (white gibbon style) and Taiji.    
- Group and private classes available, all levels welcome.  
- Unlimited classes for a low monthly fee. Train every day or as much as your schedule allows.
- Hand forms and weapons (straight sword, broadsword, staff, short staff, miao dao, double handed long sword, taiji fan, etc.)
- All classes taught with an emphasis on correct form, martial application and dynamic movement

Daily Schedule:
Mon-Fri from 19-20.30 at Zubatého 11, 3rd fl, 150 00
Saturdays from 13-16.00 at Kinekeho Zahrada park, Smichov

In Zhen Wu philosophy, form follows function. We believe that true form comes from understanding the martial application of each movement. This gives the students a better awareness of body mechanics and use of momentum. The movement should be natural and animal-like, coiled and released with spring in the step. Zhen Wu emphasizes rooting techniques, alignment and applications. Our approach is highly scientific and intricate - elegant in execution, yet highly effective for fighting. 

Zhen Wu Praha instructors are U.S. and European kung fu champions, Rosa Mei and Kim Thomas Haukland, both disciples of Grandmaster Zhang XinBin and with over 20 years experience in martial arts. 

Zhen Wu is an international network of traditional Chinese martial arts schools based in China, Belgium, Germany, Holland and the US.  Zhen Wu Praha also organizes an annual intensive summer training camp in Prague. 

Zhen Wu Praha - Kung Fu & Taiji

Zubatého 11, Praha 5, 15000

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